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    John Kennedy assassination

    I have seen no theory.Define theory.
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    John Kennedy assassination

    Wow.I was 11 when it happened.I call it the day the nuns cried.I am not quite "oliver stone",but the grassy knoll has always bothered me.
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    Breakdown In Civil Order

    https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/fox-news-gop-think-crime-numbers-don-t-agree-n1300347 I know liberal media,but I have seen more like this.
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    MLB 2022

    Seattle has had some good come-back games this year,but OMG!!!
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    MLB 2022

  6. bleubird

    DeSantis Flies Immigrants to Martha Vineyard

    I find it ironic that Floridah needs immigrants to rebuild.Some of the best construction workers I know are Mexican.
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    MLB 2022

    Seattle 7 straight wins!
  8. bleubird

    Biden's speech of Sept 1 2022 link

    I grew up in Salem,Portland is bad enough but Seattle sucks!
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    Пока, Gorby

    And his part in USA involvement in South america.
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    Climate Change(d)?

    So, the best ICE uses 25% of the energy of it's fuel and 75% is lost heat to and friction. Why not burn nat gas to generate electricity? Would it not be better ?
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    Peltola defeats Palin

    As an Alaskan I don't have a feel for this yet. I live in the southeast,that tends to vote Dem.We hated Palin cause she would not live here. The native culture is very strong here,so Peltola may do well.
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    Climate Change(d)?

    Pure bovine scat!
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    Climate Change(d)?

    No. They are saying the climate is changing(be it man made or not)and we must change the way we live to adapt to that change.
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    Cataract surgery

    Yes. 4 times a day first Then 3 times a day and so on for 4 weeks.
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    The Christ Myth Theory

    We are soooo special!
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