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    Covid-19 miscellany

    Finally, convinced my mom to get her booster today, so I'm pretty happy, and keeping an eye on her in case she feels lousy soon and needs help. She knows she needed the shot, but she was nervous, since my uncle died within 12 hours of his second dose. It was a heart issue he was already having...
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    I got my booster last week, and I thought that perhaps, because it's a half dose I wouldn't feel as bad as when I got my second shot. That isn't true. It was even worse this time around. If that's the response to a spike protein, I can't imagine how bad one could possibly feel due to covid...
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    Re: Kim Potter - What happens when good people no longer go into law enforcement?

    Well, statistically, we won't be able to tell the difference. Remember: the saying goes, “One bad apple can spoil the bunch." This is especially true for law enforcement. The "good ones" as you refer to them now, are simply the observers that keep their mouths shut as their fellow police...
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    Can We Discuss Sex & Gender / Transgender People?

    Wait, wait, wait. Kitten? Like in small cat? I thought we were supposed to get...um...is anyone missing a baby, I have some bad news...
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    Public schools aren't teaching Critical Race Theory.

    CRT is merely a stand-in for anything that doesn't teach the wholesome and unmarred reputation of the United States of America that conservatives have come to expect not just from their own party, but from the rest of the country as well. By God, if they can't get everyone marching in lockstep...
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    President Biden's Infrastructure Plans

    I can't say I didn't anticipate this is how it would turn out. I cheered for progressives showing the backbone they did, and I wish them to get more members and keep pushing.
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    Today's GOP

    No, it just means that it's much, much more prevalent in the GOP. The Dems are more of a "status quo" type of criminal organization. I mean, let's not bust out the long list (this is the short list!) of Trump associates under investigation or convicted in the last 6 years or so. That's a lot of...
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    Why no Chatroom(s) here?

    I have Telegram, I would be fine with that, at least it would be a counter to all the bullshit on Telegram. Discord would be fine too, especially if you want more functionality for different things.
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    Original sin versus celebration of pregnancy

    I think that most Evangelicals would tell you that they picture their children being redeemed through the grace of God, and sharing heaven with their parents. It's true that nothing is certain, but even in pregnancies without religion involved, nothing is certain. The child could grow up to be a...
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    Leftists caught framing Republicans with Tiki Torch Stunt

    Oh, OK. Well, then this obviously absolves the entire GOP of any racism or bigotry. It was those dastardly democrats the whole time!
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    Are Christians better off with modern secular values and morals?

    Sadly, for many Christians, they have the stick of hell and the carrot of heaven in front of them. By making their afterlife their top priority, it cheapens this one, the real one, they're actually living in. Many of you have probably noticed that more often than not, many Christians, especially...
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    Your Children Don’t Owe You Love

    Boy does that strike home. With me, it's me ex, not my immediate family, though.
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    The James Webb Space Telescope

    It's a Vox article that goes into pretty good overview detail of the Webb telescope, it's potential, complexity, infrared capability, construction and deployment.
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    The Civil War of 2025

    I could see scattered clashes of violence here and there about the country, but I don't see a full scale conflict. Fortunately, the military shows no real inclination to become involved in the stupidity, and choose a side. Despite recent idiots on the right trying to call them to arms. The...
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    Your Children Don’t Owe You Love

    I explained this to my mom. Now, she definitely made her mistakes with me, but being a parent myself, I'm much more cognizant of the difficulty of being a parent. Every so often, she would lament the way she used to treat me as I grew up. When I was really little, she was physically abusive...
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