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    Jews not writing or pronouncing God's name...

    The original form is Yahooey" . It's a Nostratic word. Eldarion Lathria
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    Politics Are Water Wars in the Near Future?

    No. People are more likely to fight over that their little god told them.
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    At what point do coincidences stop being coincidences?

    When the fourth event happens. Then you take your FAMAS and go after the happener, Eldarion Lathria
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    Writing Rules Unspoken

    A great big old triangular pink Chinese leather washing balloon. Eldarion Lathria
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    Younger people have more support for political violence

    I wonder if that is because in some countries young adults are second class citizens with fewer rights than older adults. Eldarion Lathria
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    Listen to Jarhyn. He's a wizard. He knows about magic. On an irrelevant point, Jarhyn, you were right about the Geico Gecko. That lizard does not eat wizard gizzards. If you meet that lizard, it will try to sell you car insurance. According to my long eared doggies, Wilma and Huckleberry...
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    The Alleged Troubles With Atheism

    Where is 'If you're a non believer you will feel all empty inside.' 'You need Jesus to make you feel full.'? And those other gods are just Satan pretending. You need the god of my church. Eldarion Lathria
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    I always say I agree with Protagoras. "I do not know if the gods exist or not. There are too many barriers to knowledge." Do I believe in the Christian/Jewish/Muslim god, the traditional gods of Atlantis/Norway/India and so on? No. But belief and knowledge are two different things...
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    So what IS religion in general? A Smart rubric

    What is religion? I have a one word definition. Quackery. Eldarion Lathria
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    Some religious silliness from the The Cloisters Apocalypse, 1330

    Wilma and Huckleberry are insulted. Eldarion Lathria
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    Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada by a Greek. Eldarion Lathria
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine - tactics and logistics

    Some of the things I have seen means the Russians have forgotten this: A tank with infantry support is a potent instrument of combat. A tank by itself is a target. Eldarion Lathria
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    Gas almost $7 a gallon

    Gone up .30 dirak a liter here. Eldarion Lathria
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    What do we really know about Jesus?

    From the stuff I've seen, SBA. Sweet Bugger All. Eldarion Lathria
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