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    New "Forward" Party: a third party in America that might actually work?

    Yes, a new party of has beens and losers...a sure fire hit.
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    Trump 2024?

    I'm about as American white as one can get, with over a dozen lines coming off the Plymouth 1620 landing, and I find your fears about them coming for us Whities, to be off the wall and without basis. Statues in general are a form of showing respect and putting a person or idea on a pedestal...
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    It's not the guns

    As Billie Eilish said "DUH"... :D
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    News Flash! Another Democrat tells the Truth.

    GIGO....per the below government site, coal provides about 22% of US electricity production. This probably does a good job summing up the quality of your gibberish (aka argument). Ref: https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=427&t=3
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    What did Donnie do to Rupert???!!!

    Regarding Fox, they may be shifting away from Clownstick, even if doing it more quietly. Not sure about this purported shift (below linked article) in Clownstick rally coverage, but to not cover his Arizona dueling show/rally against his former VP, with a major dust up between MAGA fruitcakes...
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    Another Fucking Mass Shooting At US School

    Well, I stopped pretending that American's collectively cared one wit about senseless murders long ago. Yeah, Do You Feel Lucky :D
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    Vanden Bossche warning - Please tell your government

    Yazbutt, I'd like to know how Hillary Clinton can be an alien space lizard in a human suite, while at the same time a cannibalistic pedophile? I mean, is a (space) lizard eating a human child really a cannibal?
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    The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus vs. ?

    Paul Johnson's 'History of Christianity' isn't so much a counter point, but an open minded approach to Christianity within history, without evangelical theological blinders. If this book can't get you to think beyond God-breathed Bible thinking, then there is no point...if my assumptions are right.
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    Police response to N.J. mall fight sparks outrage after Black teen cuffed as white teen watches

    The difference is probably about half the distance of a Planck length :D
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    New "don't say gay" bill in Florida

    Though it may get worse for a while, I do think this is a dead end ally for the right wing. Most people under 40 or so think this kind of shit is looney, and if this is a major campaign issue the Repugs will slowly loose on this front. The aging white demographics in Arizona and Georgia...
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    New "don't say gay" bill in Florida

    Goats often aren't good cute animals for a petting zoo, as they may butt hard into the kiddies. Don't provoke or feed them...
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    The New Intelligent Design <id> and Its Powerful Correct Scientific Explanations

    Clearly, ID must be true. The ToE cannot explain the existence of Minions, including that they don't seem to reproduce..
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    The New Intelligent Design <id> and Its Powerful Correct Scientific Explanations

    Well, I think you are wrong, and I don't have to do anything other than what I want. You play word salad philosophy and call it science. Ok Otto...good thing apes don't read philosophy.
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    About Biblical Kinds... AronRa's Phylogeny Challenge

    Well, narcissist's like Clownstick (aka Trump) will talk like that...
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