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Godless Raven
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  • Nothing personal, I'm just not doing this friends thing. You'll notice if I'm not your friend by how I interact with you.
    Hi GR,

    As I said to you, I wasn't going to do the "friends" thing. It doesn't really have a practical use, that I can see. Then I realised how warm and fuzzy it made me feel that you had asked me. :D
    Hi GR, very nice to see you again. You are one of the people I have missed terribly.

    Just saw your friend request. Promise me you won't get all hurt and rejected when I tell you that I'm not going to do that on this forum. Going to be all minimalist. :D

    You know I'm your friend, right? :)
    If you have OnDemand or whatever your cable provides for rewatching TV shows, I recommend watching the first episode before watching tonight's! There's a lot of stuff in it that would probably be good to know before watching the next episode.
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