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    Elite and currency devaluation

    If the savers of the world want to dump dollars they still have buy products or find counter parties.
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    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

    TV quote: "When will the white man in America finally get a break?"
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    Man High as a Kite Resists Arrest; Has Covid

    Yeah, back in the day, cops knew some first aid. I guess hiv changed all that...even the ems didn’t do anything. If someone had done cpr soon after his heart stopped, they might’ve brought him back. But whose going to risk their life to help a hysterical arrestee?
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    Trump promises permanent cut to payroll tax funding Social Security and Medicare if he’s reelected

    So, vote for me and I'll give you money. If you have a job, that is. It'll be interesting to see if people go for it, after decades of SS going broke talk.
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    White privilege poll.

    Plotinus comes to my mind - appears Ethiopian, born and raised in Egypt, spoke Greek. What race was he?
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    Maybe wearing a mask ...

    If we take the Jared Kushner approach, there's no problem. Anything else?
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    She's going to blow

    I always say the time is dangerous when people are willing to take a bullet rather than firing one. No sign of that...
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    General Poetry Discussion

    William Blake can also be very intense, Unfortunately, I could never master the patience to study out the Four Zoas. I'm kinda indifferent to the purpose of the work, but love some of those bits.
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    General Poetry Discussion

    No e.e. cummings fans?
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    She's going to blow

    When was law and order? 60’s? 70’s? Violent crime almost quadrupled from 1960 to 1990. Manufacturing is gone(largely), and that’s a good. The fewer people we need to make all the stuff, the better. The Republicans implemented the Southern Strategy in the 70’s. I don’t know where you get your...
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    She's going to blow

    The Elk statue was not destroyed; it was removed to protect it.
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    Trump's Niece's Book - Too Much And Never Enough

    I got the book from the library, surprisingly after only two weeks in reserve. I think it’ll become a standard reference on DT. A couple of things...Trump’s mother told Mary Trump that DT never listened to or obeyed her, and that she was relieved when he was sent away. And his banishment to...
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    Federal troops helping suppress protests in Portland OR

    For federal officers required to identify themselves and their agencies when detaining someone, and inform detainees why they are being detained.
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    The Battle Over Your Money

    A video about land and its place in our unequal political environment. The classic economists such as Adam Smith were opposed to nonproductive rentier income. Later, in the 19th century, an effort was made to conflate land and capital. And from that time, economics tends to ignore land's...
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    President Dear Leader Commuted Hero Roger Stone's Sentence

    I've read the opposite: Stone can plead the fifth with a commutation. That would justify, to Trump, a commutation instead of a pardon.
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