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  • But I *am* religious about The Orville. I love it! It's all I've ever wanted in a Star Trek series and didn't know it. Who knew simply adding dick jokes would be all it needed to be perfect?
    To tell you the truth, I'm not into it- not because of the writing! In fact, from what I've read of the book, you write quite well. It's the subject matter. I don't want to read about a teenager with "Daddy" fantasies. It... just rubs me the wrong way. :shrug:
    The original version of this story was posted on Literotica, nearly ten years ago. I got a lot of comments, but I got many more private messages and emails. A pattern quickly formed. Most of them were women over 35, and all them said, "I want to be Little One." The women under 35 all asked, "Where can I find a Daddy?"
    The were a few men who commented. Their questions all ran along the lines of, "How much of the story is real?" and "Is it still possible to buy an orphan?"
    Thank you, again. I wouldn't be worried if a 15 year old read Nina September. It's a wholesome romance with a strong and smart female protagonist.
    Thanks for the Reputation points, I think. I must be getting too old, I don't understand exactly what you meant, but I took it as a compliment.
    You're an interesting person. The only woman who ever loved me is from Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh to be more vague. I have since developed a predilection to find Pennsylvanians more trustworthy than, say, New Yorkers or Cally-fornyans. Lol. Just kidding, mostly. ; )
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