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    New Computer Goodies

    Are you familiar with Venn diagrams? Can you imagine one with the Northgate keyboard as well as the IBM model m along with the most produced other models? What makes the Northgate so special you'd buy an updated version? And what would you qualify as an update? I am curious about this kind of...
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    Leftists Say Blacks Are Not More Violent, Then Why Are African Countries #1-#57 of Murder Rates?

    https://youtu.be/dc3p9G47VJ4 Thunderfoot goes thru stats to look at homicides by race. It could be useful info to some.
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    New TOOL coming soon!

    The mans are releasing a new album so the other mans can exchange money for it. When they released their last one I viewed exchanging money for it as unthinkable. I went to the Best Buy and exchanged money for a priceless piece of art. Not an album. This time though it's different. They've...
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    Thank you. I'll try and enjoy what I do here. ;)

    Thank you. I'll try and enjoy what I do here. ;)
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