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    Star Trek Planet Classification

    You mean to say those planet classifications were fiction? Shit.
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    What video game are you playing?

    a couple of friends of mine have been playing Battletech exclusively lately. They are loving it... I'll prolly try it out next time it goes on a significant sale. however, another group of friends is getting into Guns of Icarus. I know almost nothing about it. Anyone play that with an opinion?
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    Infinity War - Greatest Movie of All Time candidate?

    everyone dies in the end and it was the butler that did it, in the library, with the candlestick. TOTAL SPOILER BELOW!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT UNHIDE ULESS YOU HAVE SEEN OR WILL NEVER SEE THE MOVIE!!!!! (or don't care). No really... just about everyone dies. Exactly half of all life in the...
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    Is scientific research hitting a wall?

    If that were true, then explain the demonstrated effectiveness of Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in Patients that did not respond well to antidepressant medication. It is a non-invasive, non-chemical, FDA-passed, covered by insurance, and there is a growing database of over 6,000...
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    Stand by for the fallacy where he uses two different definitions of the same word in the same sentence to support a position ("just a theory", as an example of that fallacy). Did he use a knife or a gun to attack you? neither? Therefore no attack... Legal definition of assault is... blah blah...
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    How to teach mathematics

    Well that certainly is a far broader question... how do we learn (at all)? As you pointed out, learning is pretty fundamental, as even monkeys can do it... what they lack that we have, though, is language... the ability to archive knowledge to more efficiently pass it on to the next generation...
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    Infinity War - Greatest Movie of All Time candidate?

    Just saw Infinity Wars this weekend. This is exactly what they did.
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    Barbara Bush: "I don't understand how women can vote" for Trump.

    But if one were to wonder what the content of her prenuptial agreement with Donny may say about infidelity, the "gold digger" course of action might be to file, take her cut, and then move on to the next one.
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    What video game are you playing?

    They are sort of like plot devices, insofar as they fill a realism gap. I don't like those devices either. There is a commercial fishing game I have been eyeing on Steam, but it seems filled with "mini games" like that. Sometimes there needs to be a way to put something that is not entirely...
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    Female Privilege Takes a Hit

    Doubt it... I think he just left off the /sarcasm tag.
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    For clarity, general Trespass can only occur if you violate a legally issued trespass warning. A Legally issued trespass warning can only be given by a police officer, and in written form is the most acceptable... verbal is weak, but technically counts. A civilian (property / business owner -...
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    Ben Carson wants to raise rents on those poor enough to obtain subsidized federal housing

    The relevance is that to make the argument that it is time to raise the cost of housing because it hasn't increased in a while, creates the argument that it is time to increase the minimum wage because it hasn't increased in a while. That 9% figure (alleged cost of living increase since last...
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    After decades, serial killer caught

    In my town, we pay extra taxes for certain services that other neighborhood's do not have... for example, our garbage pickup is house-side, not curb-side.... which is to say, it would be illegal to pick through my trash, as it remains on my property up until the garbage crew walks up my...
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    Trump - Comey Memos Say Nothing About Hoffa

    There was nothing in those memos that proves he pays income tax. tax evasion! lock him up!
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    Does Donald Trump disprove several conspiracy theories?

    If you can ever think of an instance when a smoke grenade is a viable tactic, then you can think of a time when a Trump presidency is desired by someone, somewhere. If I needed to change my position on the battlefield, I would need someone to either lay down suppressive fire, or throw a smoke...
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