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  • 2021 Internet Infidels Fundraising Drive
    Greetings! Time for the annual fundraiser.Sorry for the late update, we normally start this early in October. Funds are needed to keep II and IIDB online. I was not able to get an IIDB based donations addon implemented for this year, I will make sure to have that done for next year. You can help support II in several ways, please visit the Support Us page for more info. Or just click:

    I will try to track all donations from IIDB. Many thanks to those that have already donated. The current total is $550. If everyone dontated just $5, we would easily hit our goal.
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  • Be careful in arguing with Loren and Dismal. They push the racist envelope then complain to moderators when people call what they do racism. I recently got a warning for this. Dismal said the definition of racism is racial prejudice combined with social power to apply that prejudice. Then he said he was racially prejudiced but powerless so he wasn't a racist. Like a dummy I fell into the trap of say...What do you mean. Do you think you can define away your racism? You're a racist. You came close in one of today's posts. I think there is a problem because if a person makes racist remarks and recommends racistsactions, it should be fair game to call them racists. That just my thinking on the matter. I don't cross that threshold anymore in this forum. I wasn't penalized but my post was scrubbed and I wasn't able to contest the issue because the party that posted a warning would not accept a message. This is not a complaint, just a suggestion that you take care.
    Yours, Ray
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