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    Breakdown In Civil Order

    This Las Vegas smoke shop cashier stabbed a doofus who hopped behind the counter. Putting the video in a spoiler box, because it shows the stabbing. Then he did an AMA on Reddit about it. Really dumb, in my opinion.
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    This woman definitely needs a 4th shot
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    This is a sliding scale. Was covid 10-20% responsible? Someone in stellar health getting whacked by covid (even if from a more subtle issue with clotting) is approaching 100% caused by covid.
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    The James Webb Space Telescope

    DId any of you watch it? I am most excited by his high pedigree ears!
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    The James Webb Space Telescope

    So given that there are 41,253 square degrees in the sky (something I had to just look up).... the 3.4x3.4 arcminute picture is 0.00321 square degrees. Meaning that there could be about 12.8 million more pictures like this to make a full survey. This is good video to send to laymen like me...
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    Roe v Wade is on deck

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    Images that make you laugh

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    Political Rant Funny Images II

    Never mind couldn't get just tweet I wanted...
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    What music are you listening to right now? (Warning: Lotsa videos)

    One the best parodies I have ever watched
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    You should take a look now, Loren.
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    So going back to my old post, what about this twitter thread in posts 8 and 9?
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    What music are you listening to right now? (Warning: Lotsa videos)

    The opening guitar sounds almost like Dire Straits
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