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  • Thank you. I'm trying to stay out of those threads. It's become very clear that it's all the work of our latest troll, who has no goal except to create as much turmoil as possible. Any response is pointless. This kind of thing will always be with us, simply because there is always someone who wants to interact.
    You're definitely doing a job of that. I swear I'd be a way better person if I had the energy, thinking is just too hard sometimes! Of course every help thread that pops up here gets a flurry of brilliant responses anyway.
    I've enjoyed it here. It seems kinda smaller right now, just after the move. I look forward to more new people adding new viewpoints. The site was a great resource for me when I was pregnant with my first child and wanting to be assured that a secular world was out there for him to grow up in. :)
    Thank you for the rep. Made me chuckle over morning coffee, lol. That you have stayed with this forum for significant tenure is a credit to this on-line community. :smile:
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