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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    Well yes, indeed. These bills seem perfectly reasonable to the white suprmacists, the neo-nazis and donald trump as well. Especially when you discount the actual conditions on the ground… I can see why a person who wants to advance the idea that no protection of voters rights needs to...
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    Indeed, it’s hardly a positive character trait when a person regresses from being “high-minded” to being grasping, trnasactional and fascist. If it were the reverse, I might laud him. But he regressed, and that gets no cheer.
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    It would not surprise me even a little bit if he wanted to suppress Asian votes, except his wife’s.
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    I think it is more likely that he wanted people to think “white Americans” while he used the number for “all Americans.” So his lack of clarity was deliberate, as it was his intent to deceive and make people think the difference between black voter accessibility and white voter accessibility...
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    Or possibly the OP thought it was indeed a slip, and subsequent posters disagreed.
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    My contention is that it is NEITHER a Freudian slip NOR a misspeak. It is deception. Planned, deliberate and calculated. He knows minorities have their votes surpressed. He wants to hide that. So he used deceptive math to compare the rate of one sub-group to the whole, thereby hiding the...
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    Katie Porter's Mighty Whiteboard

    She brings it all together. More of her, please!
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    How to Maintain Religious Faith

    There is almost always a secular alternative, however. And my choice is to use those and stop feeding the religionists with what they think is validation of their supremacy. There are really good reasons to avoid reigious, especially dominant religious, expressions.
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    McConnell's "Freudian" Slips Out

    That’s a tactic, not an accident. Repeat the same claim over and over to get it wedged into memory as if it had supporting evidence when it never did. For example, implying that because McConnell “told a truth” that it was not also deliberately deceptive. McConnell compared a subset to the...
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    Why does Jesus grieve for Lazarus’s death?

    This is such an interesting exhibition of the harm religion can do. The cheerful willingness to absolve the monser and blame the victims, using passive language and insinuation. “Came into” as if it just, *poof* accidentally, oh, snap! where did that come from? It didn’t “come into” the world...
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    Are over the top loving compliments dishonest?

    Some people take “beauty” or “perfect” to mean something very narrow, very shallow. Other people consider “beauty” to be an experience that a person exudes through many traits. Like when people become more beautiful when they are talking about something that brings them joy, and when their...
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    Penn teammate speaks out against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas

    :staffwarn: This thread has had a lot of very good discussion and provides a place to read various viewpoints. Alas, the mod team has determined that it has lately devolved to repeated ad homs, goading and insults. Users: Remember, the goal of the Internet Infidels is meaningful discussion...
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    :staffwarn: Thread re-opened. The moderation team is no longer tolerating deceptive titles and editing that portray the opposite of the link (in either direction). It amounts to a bait-and-switch link and is a violation of the TOU. The misinformation post and its replies have been moved to...
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    The End of the Pandemic: When will it happen?

    I keep hearing “this is the turn in the curve”, often from my husband, but I can’t help wonder if a turn of a few days can be considered real yet. I continue to wonder about how long an infection-triggered immunity will last, and whether a new variant will emerge. So my current frame of mind...
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    School Basketball Coach Suspended After His Team Drubbed Opponents 92-4

    And at the time the coach called for this strategy change, they were up fifty to zero. 50. To. 0. And he told them to start playing man to man, get the steals, rack up the points.
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