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    NASA Releases Stunning 4K Video of Apollo 13 Views of the Moon, Ending All Conspiracy Theories

    Was it taken by Apollo 13 crew or was it the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter? The opening scene says It is stunning footage whatever it is. The description says
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    Nuclear War: How Bad Would It Be?

    One difference between WW2 and WW3 is the number of cities that caught fire. In WW2 they were all in Germany. In WW3 they would be in both Russia and USA, both of whom have much bigger populations living in cities that would be hit. During nuclear testing, no cities were destroyed.
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    The Rise and Fall of Convoluted Syntax

    My rewrite in modern language. Everything else is unnecessary.
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    An Entirely Imaginary Entity

    If you want to know one possibility of what life would be like if a God did exist watch Star Trek Deep Space 9. In their case the God was an Alian race.
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    Pluto a planet again?

    Either a. Pluto is not a planet or b. There are 100s of planets in our solar system.
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    Leaving The Solar System

    I can have it both ways.
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    Leaving The Solar System

    It only takes one very small particle to do a lot of damage to a ship. Between the stars, there is very little light so some sort of radar would be needed. The first problem is that you would need a very short wavelength say 0.01mm or shorter. Otherwise bigger particles would not be detectable...
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    Leaving The Solar System

    The dust particles would be very small and hard to spot at a large enough distance to avoid. Remember you will also have the background stars that would be emitting more light than a dust grain.
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    This is very interesting. A way to test one of Stephen Hawking's theories

    A supermassive black hole that does not have any matter too close will emit virtually no energy. An example is the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. The only way we know for sure it exists is because some stars are orbiting a very small, massive unseen object. The only thing that fits that...
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    This is very interesting. A way to test one of Stephen Hawking's theories

    The universe could be full of primordial black holes that are about the mass of the moon or even less. They would be very hard to detect unless they hit something. If you want to know more details then watch this video
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    Leaving The Solar System

    One other problem. There will be collisions between tiny dust grains and the spacecraft. The energy of these dust grains, at this speed, is huge. They are also almost impossible to detect.
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    The right kind of property tax vs. the wrong kind

    A major problem with the solution in the OP is that a potential buyer would have to inspect and make offers to many properties before they make one to someone who wants to accept it. This will make buying and selling very expensive. A better solution is to have everything open. It should be...
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    Operation Barbarossa

    I wonder what would have happened if Hitler had delayed the invasion for 12 months and in the meantime attacked the British in African? He might have driven them out. Then at the end of 1941 the USA enters the war and Hitler should have worked out that he cannot fight both powers.
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    NASA will go to Venus

    One possibility is for an airship to explore the atmosphere. It would be able to do a lot of science for weeks at a time.
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    Breathing through our assholes

    I could imagine divers using this technique. They could purge their intestines of everything then fill it up with this liquid. Then go down deep, do some work, then come qyuickly back up, all without carrying bulky equipment. I wonder how long the air in their intestines will last?
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