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    Signed into Gmail, it said the site can't be reached

    Today when I signed into my Gmail account on my computer (on Chrome), after hitting the sign in button after having entered the password, I did not come to my inbox as would be expected, but instead got the message that the site can't be reached. After short while, I suddenly got to my inbox...
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    Moral constructivism

    Almost all of philosophy is to an extent an ivory tower activity. I don't think it is reasonable to demand that everything being done should be relevant with regards to Trump or Myanmar.
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    Moral constructivism

    A while back I listened to an episode of Sean Carroll's podcast Mindscape called On Morality and Rationality. I am fascinated by moral philosophy, and if you have two hours to spare and have the slightest interest in the topic, I encourage you to listen to this episode. In his book The Big...
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    Were Romulus and Remus really nursed by a she-wolf?

    I don't think that Romulus and Remus were historical persons.
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    "When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev373c7wSRg Unfortunately, this feels kinda true.
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    Was Deng Xiaoping a nationalist rather than a communist?

    Communism was (there aren't many orthodox communists around these days) supposed to be internationalist, "Workers of the world, unite!", and all that. Thus in contradiction to nationalism.
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    Best evidence for a historical Joshua ben Joseph

    I don't see any reason for why one needs to explain the alleged miracles attributed to Jesus. They are legends, pure and simple. Unless there is some historical corroboration that they happened other than the Gospels, there is nothing to explain.
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    Best evidence for a historical Joshua ben Joseph

    I think a historical Jesus (Yeshua) who in some way pissed off the Romans and was then crucified is the simplest answer. Yeshua was a common name, the area had lots of Messiah claimants, and it was a politically unstable area, with lots of revolts against the Romans. Assuming a historical...
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    Why is it so difficult to invent or develop scalable technology to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere?

    Probably a stupid question (I'm not an inventor, technologist, or engineer by any means), but here we go: In addition to getting off our collective addiction to fossil fuels, we would ideally need technology that can suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. Such technology does exist, it is just not...
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    How has your view of religion changed over the years?

    NOMA only holds if religion makes no factual claims. Is there any major religion that does not make factual claims?
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    How has your view of religion changed over the years?

    I don't think religion is harmless at all. I'm at a loss as to how someone can come to that conclusion.
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    Why has Facebook started to request that I change my password when signing in?

    For Facebook, I have two-step verification activated, and whenever I have been signed in and then sign out, I clear the Facebook cookies. I sign into Facebook proper (i.e not counting the Messenger app on my phone) like maybe once or twice a month. A few months ago when I signed into Facebook...
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    Rejection of religion in the Middle East

    Hopefully secularization will ease, or even end, many of the conflicts in the region.
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    How has your view of religion changed over the years?

    My views haven't changed much I think. I am passionate about what is true, and religion falls more than a little short there. Religion is quite often a repository of cruel practices. But some cultural traditions, like feasts, etc, associated with religion I have no problem with.
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