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    Reasons to disbelieve the Axiom of Choice

    The language in the op seems wrong. Believe isn't the right word for axioms. I mean, I believe the axiom of choice has some utility. But then, I believe most axioms have some utility. They are just rules for producing mathematical structures. You can use quite useless axioms to generate...
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    Breakdown In Civil Order

    It's a bit of a joke in Portland Oregon how right wing relatives call family here and inform us that our city is burning down and people can't go out in the streets anymore. They don't believe us when we say that isn't actually the case. Yes there is a homeless epidemic, but no worse than...
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    a novel poetic form used for trump bashing

    I'll close the door and you will still be here
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    Evidence given by Rudy Giulianti of massive voter fraud in PA, Wi, MI, GA, VA, AZ, and NM states

    Just an FYI, the ballots are paper and hand recounts can spot any irregularities. This is literally a fake story.
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    Is this the latest thing?

    This is a great post. I almost always take time to talk with door knockers. Their issues usually fascinate me. Once though, I had an older white woman who looked in her 70s show up with a young black boy who looked around 10. I listened for a minute then squatted down to his level and told him...
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    Has the First Amendment become a hindrance to democracy?

    Putin is exploiting the inherent weakness in democracy, as soon as you limit free speech in such a way that there is an official source of censorship, you create an official source of information. If you were to limit speech to "proven or eyewitness " information or some variation, you have...
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    US Senate Challengers raise Big Money

    Damn. That will be exciting
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    In the US, if one wants big changes, should one run as third party or run as D or R?

    The civil rights act was the result of movement politics
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    In the US, if one wants big changes, should one run as third party or run as D or R?

    Bernie and Trump have arguably been our best modern examples. Both changed parties to the one that offered the most leverage.
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    Eddie Van Halen Has Died

    Actually, he rewrote the song while Jackson went to another studio across the hall. Kind of an interesting story. Worth googling anyway
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    Trump Tests Positive For Covid-19

    Not if it's him that dies
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    Trump Tests Positive For Covid-19

    It would solve so many problems
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    Trumpism and Trump Supporters

    Putin will make sure of that
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