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Under the Rose
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  • Totally understand. I enjoy your posts on FB about your horses and your awesome little homestead. Glad to see you here again.
    As of this moment, you and DBT are neck and neck in post count on the new board. 622...
    I don't grudge it to you. Just acknowledging a wonderful position to be in. It looked like interesting country, and the mares ears were paying attention to you. :)
    I thought that you might have a similar pile of debris in your vehicle too, living where you do. I get uneasy if my trunk isn't half-full of crap for 'just in case'.
    :). Yep, I know. I've never been in a position to have one of my own but have loved that non-verbal communication you can have with a horse. Assuming that gets stronger and more telepathic with time and long term proximity. I was very taken with the very first photo you posted of her, when you picked her up. She looks to be maturing nicely. :notworthy:
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