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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Her politics are bad and she is dumber than an eggplant; but I think she is a beautiful woman.
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    Qatar Demonstrating It Is Modernizing

    People cannot change who they are. They can change their behavior. Many nations are against homosexuality for the very reasons that the West has allowed it. What has ended up in America and Europe is the mainstreaming of unnatural "same sex" intercourse, the "grooming" of youth, pedophilia, and...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    他们、她们。Both of them are "ta men" in Putonghua Chinese. The tense on the first character are different. The first is masculine and the second is feminine. The former is used if "they" is used for both. 它们 is also "tamen‘ which means objects and not people. Very basic Chinese language, one of the...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    A Chicken can never be an Eagle no matter that both are birds.
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    Twitter likely to take idiots offer to buy them for $43 billion

    Why the hate for Elon Musk? Seems he wants Twitter to be more equitable to all ideas and thought. If you dont like what someone says, confront them. Debate them. Dont just cancel them. That is authoritarianism. "I dont like what you say, so you cant say it." The "woke" HATE free debate. They...
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    The new Casey Anthony series. A legal question.

    Now, there is a new documentary about the Casey Anthony case. I am sure most of you know about this case already, if you havent for some reason at all it is out there. I have a legal question to ask about the case. Her lawyer, defending her at trial, claimed that the child Caylee drowned in the...
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    How do You Deal with Christmas?

    Back in the old days before the "virus", Christmas was basically a party day. My wife is Chinese and does not celebrate Christmas nor does she want to do so. I tried when we were first married to get her into the holiday. My first year, I met a nice Canadian man and went to his house with my...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    I am ignorant? Ignorance is thinking that gender and sex are somehow fluid. Thats ignorance. Arrogance is to change language and definitions to meet your narrow Worldview. The pretentiousness of the "woke" on this board to call the rest of us who dont bend over to your insane, unscientific...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    What is everyone's opinion of the Aerosmith song, "Dude Looks like a Lady"?
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    You dont have the right to make me learn a new definition of a word which does not need or should need a definition. If we submit to this, then we submit that this is natural and normal and should be accepted. This is the issue. Another issue is that in the past five years, there has been so...
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    Qatar Demonstrating It Is Modernizing

    Qatar might be somewhat interesting, since I like going to different countries and experiencing different cultures. I don't know, but Qatar probably wouldnt be that interesting to me. Doha is probably nothing but high rise apartments, houses, shopping malls and restaurants. If it is like Saudi...
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    Libertarian Party Goes Crazy

    Like I said, I follow Libertarianism and do have some Libertarian ideals. I do believe in small government for example. Problem is that Libertarians believe in NO government. Interestingly, the format is for the candidates for the Presidential nomination actually have a debate before the...
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    One issue is that there is no usch thing as a cure for the common virus or common cold. In my neophyte knowledge, it it because the virus mutates and changes all the time. I have been VACCINATED (not vaxxed, not vax, because these are not words), about two years ago in China. My wife sort of...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    DON'T ADAPT!! These people (or any people) have no right to take an established word, change it to their own definition. Why bend over to their wants when it is wrong. There is no such thing as "non-binary" and one cannot change their own sex. Those who say otherwise are liars and/or living in...
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    Elvis Has Left Vegas

    I think another thing about Las Vegas is that one does not have to go into a casino, the casino is everywhere, especially in the supermarkets. A lot of people who go to the movies and go bowling go to "local casinos", entertainment venues off a casino which is usually in a neighborhood. Or going...
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    Bidengate Breaks... err... down

    All I know is that Hunter Biden (and why would any loving parent name their kid Hunter?) is a drugged up moron who was spoiled from birth. It was only through his father that he made all that money in those countries “consulting” or whatever he did. Hunter was born with a golden spoon up his ass...
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    Elvis Has Left Vegas

    I was also not married in a church or religious ceremony, it was in the court house of the town my wife is from. About a month later we had a wedding party, basically it was the reception without the church. I lived in Las Vegas for almost two years over thirty years ago. For me it would be...
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    But “they” (again…) is plural, not singular. Why should people be confused reading or listening to the news or stories? Please. The English language has been bombarded with asinine words and phrases for the past twenty years. If “they” have to pee, is it standing up or sitting down? Even though...
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    Did Paul create Jesus?

    How do we know Paul existed?
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    Colorado club shooter is non-binary, CNN repeatedly misgenders them.

    I would suggest you read the meaning of "they" whilch is the same meaning the word has always had since at least Middle if not Old English. Again.....they/them denote two or more people or objects. Now we are learning first grade English., since 7th grade biology is too complicated and confusing...
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