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  1. SigmatheZeta

    Texas government now actively terrorizing families of trans kids

    https://www.npr.org/2022/05/13/1098779201/texas-supreme-court-transgender-gender-affirming-child-abuse Do I sometimes seem to be a little bit paranoid, when it comes to LGBTQ issues? There is a saying by Joseph Heller that goes, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."...
  2. SigmatheZeta

    Trump is a Russian proxy

    Others may feel free to furnish this thread with hard evidence, but for me, it is really intuitive. Any evidence shown for it, from my perspective, would be post-hoc, delivered after I had already gotten convinced of it by a more instinctive sense of revulsion. The puke that comes up in my...
  3. SigmatheZeta

    New "don't say gay" bill in Florida

    Dear IIDB, https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/diversity-inclusion/592552-florida-residents-protest-dont-say-gay-bill This is precisely the kind of toxic, repressive legislation that led to the climate of anti-LGBT violence in Russia. This cancer is going to spread, and it is going to...
  4. SigmatheZeta

    Possible connection between skepticism and ancient meditation

    Religion itself is really rooted in ancient attempts to learn a good way of life, and even though time has distorted them into a complex system of folklore interwoven with sundry philosophical ideas, some good and some terrible, I think that all philosophical and religious ideas really come, at...
  5. SigmatheZeta

    Democrats need to unite on their sense of purpose

    Next year, we are approaching a mid-term election, and one of our party happens to be in the White House. This means that we are likely to lose seats, and the only question is how badly it's going to hurt. Democrats have been, overall, on a serious losing streak since the mid-1990's. Our party...
  6. SigmatheZeta

    Let's break the anti-communist taboo

    Hi, guys. When I say "I am an anarcho-communist," that really translates loosely to "I'm running Linux." I really just like the basic philosophy that lies behind it. It is a creation that people share, and everybody that wants to contribute to making it better and more beautiful does. I wish...
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