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  1. Keith&Co.

    Derail from Political Rant Funny Images II

    These people cheering me...are they cheering what i actually say or what you say i said? I never said you or anyone needs to laugh at anything... just that you don't get to decide what anyone else gets to laugh at. I never said the castration image would always be funny, just offered some...
  2. Keith&Co.

    Derail from Political Rant Funny Images II

    I don't even see how this us a reply yto what i said. I understand fine. I disagree. At LEAST half of what you think i said or implied is entirely in your head, not what i said or meant or thought or felt. I have, and need, no excuse for words or feelings you project onto me.
  3. Keith&Co.

    What to do for the unhoused?

    I believe it was sarcasm, saying that the government tries very hard to ensure that many problems vets encounter are purely coincidental to their service. This is why it is such an unholy nightmare to make claims against the VA for service-related problems. My coworker's father was one of the...
  4. Keith&Co.

    Russian Invasion of Ukraine - tactics and logistics

    Well, that's part of the justification page for any weapon development for the last 60 years. Our military's profession was "Waiting for the tanks to cross the border and swarm Europe." Desert Storm was guys flying or driving the equipment our stuff was built to engage, operated by men that we...
  5. Keith&Co.

    Things that make you laugh...

    Someone took their very old dad in for a vaccine shot when i was at the pharmacy. The pharmacist complimented him on his sweater. He started rambling about what he liked about the sweater, what he liked about all sweaters, what he liked about buying this sweater. She asked if this was the...
  6. Keith&Co.

    Derail from Political Rant Funny Images II

    Wow. That's a lot of words put into my mouth. Um, no. You are incorrect.
  7. Keith&Co.

    Derail from Political Rant Funny Images II

    IN reaction to what, though? Women's suffrage? That'd be funny. Judge Jackson's seating on the bench? Kinda funny. Esp. if the testicles used to belong to GOP figures. Any time Trump's chosen candidate lose their primary or election? Gut-busting. Gas prices? Maybe. Gas prices pushing the...
  8. Keith&Co.

    Parenting Megathread

    So, get her a damn raccoon. And when you tell her to clean her room, she throws rice on the floor and goes to watch TV. "Chow's working on it!"
  9. Keith&Co.

    Caption Contest

    Aside from the contest, maybe we could start naming hurricanes after kaiju? Just one a year. A thousand years from now, "Dude, i thought movie monsters were fiction!" "They were." "No, i found this record! Serious journalism, several competing platforms, all talking about how Godzilla fucked...
  10. Keith&Co.

    Derail from Political Rant Funny Images II

    Humor being a defense mechanism, the more we need to defend, the more effective the humor. Yeah, i laughed. Texas is still reprehensible. People are going to die because of their legislation. Actually die, not cartoon die. So being upset at cartoon 'violence' may be a bit off point. Might...
  11. Keith&Co.

    Covid-19 miscellany

    Probably because of Trump taking the lead in hypocrisy from tge very start? Or even BEFORE the start, closing the office created to deal with outbreaks for petulant reasons? Hypocrisy that continues as people try to justify Trump's response, demonize Biden's, or make money from fleecing the...
  12. Keith&Co.

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    All good ones, wow. This one made me spit milk across the table, though. Wins.
  13. Keith&Co.

    Images that make you laugh

    There was a giant pumice raft that hit Australia in, what, 2019? Google showed me three sites that say there's pumice in NSW north beaches NOW.. Above the high water mark. And if it happened once, it could jave happened 3004 years ago! So there!
  14. Keith&Co.

    Who Should Pay Child Support? (Split from Roe v Wade is on deck)

    The KID obligates him. That's the point of child support, thsat there's a kid he knew, or should have known, might reasonably reault from his engaging in the whoopie smoochies.
  15. Keith&Co.

    Images that make you laugh

    It's the same story! Jeez, just takes a little thought! The volcanos spat out ash, which cooled to become huge floating rafts of PUMICE. When the rafts were afloat and on the way, volcanos blasted the Kangaroos and dingos and platypi and koalas and such, which then floated on to Australia...
  16. Keith&Co.

    Day without stupid: redux

    So, once more, Trump asked Russia for foreign interference in a US Presidential Election. He wants Putin to get dirt on Hunter Biden. Can someone explain to me why, if Bonespurs is THE president who has been the toughest on Putin, EVER, why would Putin even want to help him? Why would...
  17. Keith&Co.

    Male patients asked if they are pregnant at NHS Trust

    That's not at all what i was talking about. The anti-trans crowd wants everything decided by the presence or absence of a penis. I have a penis. It has never forced me to rape anyone. It's never even caused me to entertain certain fantasies, or to enjoy them when exposed to them, though other...
  18. Keith&Co.

    Russian Invasion of Ukraine - tactics and logistics

    So, these tests are scheduled about a year in advance. At least for Trident, i dunno about Minuteman. It's also a crucial part of certifying an asset after a major overhaul. You cannot serve as a deterrent until you prove you can launch. We have big huge areas set up, no boats or planes, for...
  19. Keith&Co.

    Male patients asked if they are pregnant at NHS Trust

    Up above, you've attempted to reduce the trans people's issue to their "feelings." It's all just 'in their head,' to uou. The penis or the vagina is all that matters. But these historical actions that make some men predators in women's spaces, do they come from the head or the penis? If...
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