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  1. skepticalbip

    Proud Boys - what are they?

    That is a serious question. I have heard the news calling them "white supremacists" but I know nothing about the 'organization'. I just googled to see what they are and found that the chairman (Enrique Tarrio) is black and Cuban hispanic... that clicks two of the favored groups. Is the news...
  2. skepticalbip

    Most embarrassing loss in 2018

    Lesia Romanov lost her race with Dennis Hoff for a Nevada Assembly seat. The loss was 37% to 63% but that isn’t the most embarrassing part for her. She lost to Dennis Hoff who was a brothel owner (a pimp) that had died a month before the election. Losing an election to a dead pimp has gotta be...
  3. skepticalbip

    Why I advocate for Nuclear Power

  4. skepticalbip

    Pelosi condemns antifa

    About time. Finally a Democrat speaks up. Good for her.
  5. skepticalbip

    Pelosi condemns antifa

    never mind I fucked up and posted in the wrong forum again. I moved it to the political discussions forum.
  6. skepticalbip

    Antifa may be in for a surprise

    An interesting development. It looks like people who are quite disturbed by the violence perpetrated by Antifa are beginning to seek legal redress. This is a first amendment right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The empowering laws require that 100,000 signatures be...
  7. skepticalbip

    Antifa may be in for a surprise

    Sorry. Wrong forum. I intended to post it in the political discussion forum. N/M I moved it.
  8. skepticalbip

    Yale students allowed to skip midterm test because of Trump win

    If students are so distraught that they can't take a test, how the hell are they going to function when they get out in the real world? It was a fucking election. We have them every two years with about half of the voters disappointed in every election. Plus there are much more traumatic events...
  9. skepticalbip

    WOW... Michael Moore is all in for Trump

    This is a real surprise to me. I wonder if it will resonate with the old Bernie supporters (who are half of the Democrat voters).
  10. skepticalbip

    WTF is Obama's thinking here

    US B-1 bombers fly over South Korea in show of force http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/12/politics/us-air-force-bombers-korea/
  11. skepticalbip

    Supermoon Eclipse

    For anyone interested in such things, tonight, Sept. 27th, should be a good show. There is a lunar eclipse and the Moon is at perigee so appears larger than any other time. Unfortunately, it looks like my area of the country will be under a cloud cover.
  12. skepticalbip

    Pluto flyover by New Horizons

    or space junkies like me that haven't see it yet, here's a video from the probe, New Horizons, as it passes over Pluto. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ydU-YrG_INk
  13. skepticalbip

    Hubble - wow

    I just found some interesting images from the Hubble team. The space telescope has found large volumes of gas outside galaxies. The gas is only visible around galaxies with active central quasars because, it is suspected, that they are illuminated by energetic bursts of the central quasar. The...
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