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    Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BBOumuamua And Professor Avi Loeb's commentary on this. (Avi Loeb, 56, is chair of the astronomy department at Harvard University and has published more than 700 papers on astrophysical phenomena)...
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    Holy Cow!!

    Another religion of peace and its defenders... https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/cow-vigilantism-undermining-rule-law-india-190102143126368.html
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    100 Best Movies of All Time

    OK, I meant to say Best Foreign Movies http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20181029-the-100-greatest-foreign-language-films Have seen only about 10% of these, maybe fewer, but am short of fingers for the arithmetic and too stupid to think of using my toes and too lazy to count again. :) Anyway...
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    Unlocking the "Mystery" of Consciousness

    Found this on my computer yesterday. Looks very interesting and without the usual Woowoo. Don't want to lose it in some ancient consciousness thread. Please discuss...
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    ?? No Big Bang (Not pseudoscience)

    Not pseudoscience yet, anyway. Observation of distant galaxies shows them to decrease in size with distance as measured by Redshift of light from them (and so their brightness). This paper states they should appear bigger the further ( i.e. the older) they are...
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    Sea wolves

    Not a fish, not a sea-mammal like a seal. A kind of wolf (of the usual canid family). Today is the first time I have heard of their existence. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/02/16/ian-mcallister-sea-wolf-photo_n_9247758.html Comments?
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    Child labour in USA

    It is legal in the US to employ children as young as 12 years old in agriculture. Many work in tobbaco fields. http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/12/9/tobacco-fields-laboring-teens-dangers.html Human Rights Watch says:- Comments?
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    Syria bombings.

    Almost 24 hours after the fact and still no comment here about the bombing? Why? No one has any opinion? This Forum too anti-Obama to praise his actions? People too scared to say what they think, remembering the debacle of Bush's "Mission Accomplished"? Here goes then. Well done Obama and...
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