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  1. Wiploc

    Twine Programming

    Does anybody here use Twine? There are games I want to play, and nobody invents them, so I need to make them myself. I've just started with Twine, and I'm having problems. Even when I copy and paste straight from the documentation files, things don't run right. If I type this ...
  2. Wiploc

    Why are people claiming there was no voting fraud?

    I don't understand it. Voter fraud is a big and constant problem, even when we win. It didn't happen to swing the election this time, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If we claim it's a problem when we lose but not a problem when we win, then we'll look like partizan liars...
  3. Wiploc

    Famous Movie Lines for The Wrong Movie

    [Wrong Thread] "Sam, you made the ties too wide."
  4. Wiploc

    Peanut Gallery Thread for Discussion of wiploc and thatguysnephew on the morality of abortion

    Wiploc and thatguysnephew discuss the morality of abortion here. This thread is the peanut gallery for people who wish to comment on that thread. Please make your comments here rather than there.
  5. Wiploc

    The Morality of Abortion: wiploc and thatguysnephew

    Wiploc and thatguysnephew are looking for a one-on-one thread in which to discuss the morality of abortion, and whatever other topics we may drift into. I'm not seeing a debate area of the website anymore. Maybe it used to be here and is gone, or maybe I'm remembering Freeratio.org or...
  6. Wiploc

    How do I copy an Anki flashcard deck from my computer to my Android phone?

    Any Anki users here? The AnkiDroid program on my phone says to put the apkg file in this directory : "/storage/emulated/0/AnkiDroid." I don't find a folder called storage. I do find one called internal storage, but that doesn't include a folder called emulated. When I tell my computer to...
  7. Wiploc

    Funny Loglines

    Just read Save the Cat again. It wants me to do logline exercises: What is the movie (or book) about? Who is in it? Basically, a logline is the words from the movie poster. The Hangover: "Some guys just can't handle Vegas." Titanic: "Nothing on earth could come between them." I...
  8. Wiploc

    Population doubles every 182 years; therefore: God.

    This is a question at Quora: Human population doubles every 182 years on average since Adam & Eve were born 6000 years ago; is this proof that God exists? I liked my answer well enough to share it here: If we granted your premises that the world is 6000 years old, that wouldn't be even a step...
  9. Wiploc

    What's good Blu-ray software?

    I bought an external Blu-ray player. It came without software, so I got a free program from download.com. It worked fine for awhile, but just now it demanded that I upgrade it. After the upgrade, it doesn't work at all. I'm not against paying. I just want something that is reliable and...
  10. Wiploc

    Is strong atheism "faithy," dishonest, awkward, or hard to defend?

    Over at Quora, I ran into a passel of atheists making claims like this. So I'm inviting them over here to hash it out. We may get some new members out of this. My thesis is that strong atheism is easy and fun to defend, and perfectly honest. I don't claim that it's the only honest...
  11. Wiploc

    Moral Realism

    Turns out I'm a moral realist. I'm reading Sam Harris' The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values. I find it compelling. Any objections to moral realism?
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