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  1. Cheerful Charlie

    Henry Kissinger Dead

    Kissinger's dead? Good! Now do Putin.
  2. Cheerful Charlie

    GDP Reaches 5.2%

    Bidenomics seems to be working. ...... The U.S. economy grew at an even stronger pace then previously indicated in the third quarter, the product of better-than-expected business investment and stronger government spending, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. Gross domestic product, a...
  3. Cheerful Charlie

    Split Who are the Proud Boys?

    Google "history of the proud boys". When were they formed? Why? Who started them? What are their idological positions? Their activities since forming? No use asking here. Check out those who track such organizations.
  4. Cheerful Charlie

    Video editing

    You will probably have more luck googling for things like "best video makers". There are plenty of sites that list a bunch of these.
  5. Cheerful Charlie

    Artificial intelligence paradigm shift

    Even worse, experience has demonstrated AI will happliy make up its own "facts". AI does not understand concepts of truth, accuracy, and I don't know.
  6. Cheerful Charlie

    Artificial intelligence paradigm shift

    Sounds like an AI disaster on the horizon. ...... The November 16th issue of Nature has an article about ChatGPT: ChatGPT has entered the classroom: how LLMs could transform education. It reports that the latest version (GPT4) can only answer one third of questions correctly in physical...
  7. Cheerful Charlie

    Images that make you laugh

  8. Cheerful Charlie

    Voting Time In Houston

    Sheila Jackson Lee. She is uncompromissing and mean as a snake. With our moron GOP governor harassing Houston, we need a hard nosed mayor like SJL.
  9. Cheerful Charlie

    How should west respond to potential (likely) Russian invasion of Ukraine?

    If Russia truly wants peace talks, Russia should cease its drone and missile strikes on civilians across Ukraine.
  10. Cheerful Charlie

    How should west respond to potential (likely) Russian invasion of Ukraine?

    Ventilating a 19 km long tunnel under water is gonna be a bitch. In New York, building bridges meant deep digging to make deep foundations for bridge piers. Miners died because of decompression coming to the surface. The bends. Would Kersh tunnel travelers likewise have similar problems?
  11. Cheerful Charlie

    Voting Time In Houston

    I just recieved my mail in ballot for the Houston runoffs. In Texas, straight ticket voting is now illegal. And elections are "non-partison". So I googled for the official GOP recommendations and voted against all Republicans on the ballot. Monday, it is in the mail. Sneaky lil bastards!
  12. Cheerful Charlie

    Morality in Bible stories that you don't understand

    Third Man Factor. .... The third man factor or third man syndrome refers to the reported situations where an unseen presence, such as a spirit, provides comfort or support during traumatic experiences. ...... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_man_factor
  13. Cheerful Charlie

    Christian Furry Fellowship

    Errrrrr?... Uhhhmmm... Christian furries? Say it ain't so. Somebody warn Ron DeSantis. http://furryfellowship.org/about-us/
  14. Cheerful Charlie

    The Race For 2024

    Oh, yes, and this one! .... The footage, from last October, included a previously reported but never publicly seen exchange in which the former president mistook a picture of his accuser, the writer E Jean Carroll, for a picture of his second wife, Marla Maples. “That’s Marla, yeah,” Trump...
  15. Cheerful Charlie

    Morality in Bible stories that you don't understand

    Cosciousness almost surely is not a uniquely human trait. https://aeon.co/essays/are-we-ready-to-study-consciousness-in-crabs-and-the-like
  16. Cheerful Charlie

    Twitter likely to take idiots offer to buy them for $43 billion

    In Texas, our right winger AG is investigating Media Matters over its pointing out X's habit of placing major advertisor ads next to Nazi and White Nationalist materials. Which is kind of nice. Media Matters For America is not run by fools. We can be sure the justaposition of ads next to...
  17. Cheerful Charlie

    Income In European States

    Friend of the blue collar worker my ass! This is the cheating clown renowned for hiring small businesses to do jobs and then stiffing them and refusing to pay his bills. And of course infamous for stiffing his lawyers also.
  18. Cheerful Charlie

    Covid-19 miscellany

    There are reports that the anti-vax campaign is now causing anti-vaxxers to stop vaccinating their kids againt measels and chicken pox et al with the predictable outcomes. A small epidemic of childhood diseases.
  19. Cheerful Charlie

    Twitter likely to take idiots offer to buy them for $43 billion

    It is going to be hard to track and eliminate these sorts of robospam accounts when super genius Musk fired many of his experts and moderaters.
  20. Cheerful Charlie

    Covid-19 miscellany

    If some shithead decides to be an obstinate plague rat at work, possibly endangering others, and gets fired for that, tough! Plague rats can't be allowed to endanger everyone else just because they are stupid.
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