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  1. Elixir

    The Important Stuff

    I'm afraid I may have missed the Event of the Decade... Just saw the last couple seconds of a Tucker Carlson piece. Took a while to figure out WTF he was upset about this time, but further research revealed that he had unusually good cause for his usually unwarranted daily conniption fit. THE...
  2. Elixir

    The Group of Americans Who Are Most Likely to Spread Fake News

    Good article, but it rests on the premise that one can identify the subset of conservatives who expressed the greatest tendency to promote false news stories. These are called "Low Conscientiousness Conservatives" IMO this trait has been inadequately defined, and reliable, repeatable means of...
  3. Elixir

    PM Wanders Into Blue Mountains With Jerry Can And Matches

    I like Aussie satire, but the straight up sarcasm is even better. PM Wanders Into Blue Mountains With Jerry Can And Matches In Last Ditch Effort To Change News Cycle And they give you a photo: Good writing. :)
  4. Elixir

    Daily Beast sez Glen Beck has COVID again

    Beck said it’s in his lungs but his doctors are working really hard giving him dewormer and malaria meds. How about mocking them for being loud mouthed morons? Is that okay?
  5. Elixir

    Oath Keepers Arrested for Seditious Conspiracy

    Oath Keeper leader, 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy' in Jan. 6 Capitol attack A day late and a dollar short IMHO. A year ago it would have set an example. Today it just inflames the right to more atrocities.
  6. Elixir

    Republicans Flee from Debates

    In fact, the GOP is now requiring any primary Presidential candidates (as if there were any) to sign a pledge NOT to participate in any debates sponsored by the BI-PARTISAN Commission on Presidential Debates. IOW, "Donald is afraid of debating anyone, so let's pretend it wasn't his idea to...
  7. Elixir

    Florida Man, Legislative Affairs Director for the State Board of Administration Shot Dead

    John Kuczwanski, the Legislative Affairs Director for the State Board of Administration, was killed last week in what appeared to be a shootout during a road rage incident north of Tallahassee. He got mad and started shooting at a guy in a Prius, knowing for a fact that people who drive a Prius...
  8. Elixir

    Merrick Garland Speech (1/6/22)

    Anyone watch the entire speech? Don't want to poison the well but he didn't look well or sound good to me, though he said the right things. Don't know if that was intentional, but I suspect he would have made a better SCOTUS Justice than an AG. Merrick Garland's speech on the eve of the...
  9. Elixir


    I am vacillating about buying a "carbon steel" pan or two. They are touted as working in similar fashion as cast iron, but lighter and easier to season. One thing is that somehow, in the culinary arena stainless steel and carbon steel are two distinct things. (?) That gives me hesitancy. My...
  10. Elixir

    Russia's Runaway Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Russia has been playing fast and loose with the truth about its methane (and other) greenhouse gas leaks, revising its own historical reporting and creating variable reporting standards to minimize the appearance of its massive negligence. "[Methane] was escaping into the atmosphere at a...
  11. Elixir

    Anti-Gerrymandering idea?

    I was thinking about it while falling asleep last night. Envisioning some of the maps of what are some of the most outrageous examples, I wondered if maybe there could be simple rules about the shapes of districts that would force the situation to improve. If the area/perimeter ratio of all...
  12. Elixir

    The Suzanne Morphew Murder Mystery

    This guy never should have trusted his truck. Court reporting today "The residence" is about 3 miles from here, and Barry was arrested less than a mile (as the crow flies) from here. Of course in this tiny town, murder mysteries are actually big news. Mrs. Elixir is following closely. Police...
  13. Elixir

    Great Republican Ideas

    At the suggestion of @Metaphor, I am creating this thread as a repository for the Republican or conservative ideas that will improve Americans' standard of living, create economic stability and prosperity, improve education and technology - or anything else that would benefit Americans as a...
  14. Elixir

    Trump Claims Republicans are "the majority"

    Actually, he didn't say "Republicans", he said "we", which is almost always self-referential when he says it. Trump wins the CPAC straw poll as attendees clamor for him to run again And the crowd cheered. He "thinks" (says) the invisible voter fraud was so very massive that losing by more than...
  15. Elixir

    99.2% of US COVID-19 deaths are unvaccinated people

    Since the un-vaccinated are just over 30% of the population, managing to represent 99.2% of COVID deaths is an epic feat of stupidity. At some point we have to simply prepare for the next variant that is able to evade the defenses of vaccinated people, because apparently even death itself is no...
  16. Elixir

    The Incest Problem

    I have yet to see any explanation for The Incest Problem. Handwaving attempts do abound, but none of them actually addresses the fact that if A&E were the only two humans and all extant humans are their descendants, there was massive incest happening in the first few generations of humans. Is...
  17. Elixir

    Australian Conservatives Are Using Religious Faith as a Cover for Misogyny

    Not that Au has any monopoly on conservatives using religion as a blunt instrument to abuse women, of course. In fact it's a little bit consoling that there are some idiots in Australia who are just deluded, cruel and deranged as their American counterparts.
  18. Elixir

    Right Wingers Trying to Cancel Critical Space Theory

    Is there no end to this?
  19. Elixir

    McConnell opposes the truth

    McConnell opposes House’s bipartisan Jan. 6 commission bill And he is far from the only one. Of course Captain Corruption aka "the other mac" is opposed, since he was complicit in facilitating the crimes of sedition, treason, insurrection etc. Republicans are desperately trying to conflate...
  20. Elixir

    U.S. judge tosses NRA bankruptcy bid, letting New York seek dissolution

    [link] Screw those Ruble-laundering, trumpsucking assholes. I hope they are dissolved, even though the Putin mob will just recruit someone else... At minimum it offers a glimmer of hope that SOME gun control measures could at least get to the Senate floor.
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