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  1. Rhea

    Holding on to power in your 70s, 80s, 90s; Commercially, Politically, Monarchically

    I often wonder at the, what seems like hubris to me, of ruling into your 80s and 90s and refusing to provide sucessors with the opportunity to transition into ruling with you as an advisor. It seems to indicate they would be so bad at it, you can’t bear to hand it over. And then - it means you...
  2. Rhea

    Politics as change agent or hobby

    I listened to this podcast on the Hidden Brain by Shankar Vendantam on how people engage in politics. Is it to enact change, or as a hobby like following a sport team? https://hiddenbrain.org/podcast/passion-isnt-enough/ Interesting thoughts and they make some good points that we can all see...
  3. Rhea

    Greyhound Settle suit against its policy of letting ICE onboard

    https://www.npr.org/2021/09/27/1040968238/greyhound-warrantless-searches-lawsuit-settlement So glad to see this. It’s Washington, but I expect it will affect their behavior in other states as well.
  4. Rhea

    Long Distance Runners are an Interesting Bunch

    Some of them are in it for trophies and pursue races and higher and higher profile races. They write books about how marathons or ultras make people better. But they are not just marathoners, they are competitors for trophies. Some of them run alone. Run a lot alone. And write books about what...
  5. Rhea

    Your Children Don’t Owe You Love

    A lot of society tries to pressure people into thinking you OWE your parents a space in your life, even if they are toxic. I hate that so many people are harangued with, “oh you have to forgive,” and “she’s your mother,” and “you have to answer your father’s call.” It’s wrong. If someone is...
  6. Rhea

    Mount Washington Hike

    I haven’t posted n this forum in a while. A nice hike up Mount Washington seems like a good reason to dip back in. I’ve hiked the mountain a few times, the last two in September (2020 and 2021) when the weather has been just perfect. I only went one way, because I was worried about some...
  7. Rhea

    Five Songs and a Vibe

    I don’t get out much, music-wise. Now that I have actual internet and I can access music streaming services, I would like to explore. So post to this thread a list of five songs (and the artists) and the “vibe” that they give you. I can use this to start a playlist/channel/stream or whatever...
  8. Rhea

    What to plant on mars

    Okay, I know you can’t plant on Mars. I’m using that as shorthand for this question: If you were to bring plant life to an empty planet, assuming it has sufficient water, what would you bring? And what would you assiduously avoid? And why?
  9. Rhea

    Hearing nuances and emphasis in words

    Had an interesting conversation where I was teasing about the southern US version of INsurance versus the northern inSURance. They said, you just said the same word twice. So I said, “it’s like the difference between PEEcan versus peCAN. And again, they said, you just said the same word...
  10. Rhea

    Collapsed Condo

    I was looking at an article about that collapsed condo, and noticed that several of the cars under the neighboring building fell as the concrete below them collapsed. Does this look like one of those sinkholes at work, or perhaps erosion of the sand under the structure? Sink hole, unusually...
  11. Rhea

    CRISPR scores what looks like a win

    This sounds like a dramatic advance in the science. Injecting the CRISPR directly into the patient to reach remote problems, instead of drawing out a sample, editing and returing the sample...
  12. Rhea

    We don’t have a Gardening thread yet?

    Well, I’ll start one. I’ve made a terrible mistake. I put up a trellis for peas in my raised bed. It looks quite nice. Oak post (1 inch square) with rough twine tied into a climbing grid. But I made it parallel to the edge of the raised bed, and a matching one on the other side. Now it’s...
  13. Rhea

    Why is There a Housing Crisis?

    There’s talk of bidding wars and price hikes and building material shortages all over the place. I’ve read a bunch of repting on it, but curious what folks here think What’s causing the housing crunch? What causes it in your region versus other people’s regions?
  14. Rhea

    Bring Back the Cod Piece!

    It all started with a text… What is a codpiece, you ask? https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/bringing-back-the-codpiece/ The article states alternative theories to the origin of the fashion. And gives some pictures of how it looks. Including on Superheores and contemporary runway...
  15. Rhea

    Does Drug Development Require Profit?

    Two items over at electoral-vote.com blog today regarding Biden's negotiations with Europe: So if big pharma in America won't make drugs, who will? Well, what about US Government labs? Some thoughts: Big Pharma: employs lots of smart people, who would still be smart without jobs at that...
  16. Rhea

    Ohio American Legion does Racism - Charter Suspended

    It’s a pretty swift and comprehensive disapproval. The American Legion itself suspended the Charter and will likely close it. According to the evidence provided, it was premeditated, blatant and completely disrespectful. I imagine that most veterans agree with this reaction, though. I also...
  17. Rhea

    Belarus skyjacking

    There’s a lot of talk about the various aspects of Belarus forcing a plane to land and take one of the passengers. Apparently many countries are cancelling flights, and the Y ed board wrote It feels like such a monumentally egregious breach. What scenarios do you envision will come of it?
  18. Rhea

    Why are holy places and relics so important?

    It occurs to me that the reason people find holy places so important - reading about the disputes betweens Jews and Christians and Muslims over the “Holy Land” and its buildings - is because their god is so achingly absent all these millenia, and the adherents are desperate to touch something...
  19. Rhea

    Anti-Masker school mom SNL skit

    It’s not actually a skit, but start watching at about 4:50 and you can’t tell me it’s not. The tissue, the sip of water, all of it.
  20. Rhea

    White college students: riot and destroy property. Police: “Meh.”

    https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2021/04/19/chittfest-damages-leave-students-angry-wanting-answers/7284583002 Damage to buildng, cars and people. But, don’t worry, they were white.
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