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  1. spikepipsqueak

    What are you reading?

    They could at least have paid a little attention. England had a King for all of the 1930s. ijust had a lovely surprise. In the Time Traveller's Almanac I came across an Ursula leGuin short story I hadn't read before.
  2. spikepipsqueak

    King Richard is sexist?

    I am sorry to hear those elements of your personal story and really pleased to know that you have reached a place of some equilibrium. I can identify with some of that, time and experience help, eh? In your own case I'm sure you know just not to go to films that will push your buttons. People...
  3. spikepipsqueak

    Things that make you laugh...

    PS Stop eating junk food for breakfast. It's a fairly well documented way to kill yourself. You're already a diabetic.
  4. spikepipsqueak

    Things that make you laugh...

    From what you tell us, Keith, many, many people are likely to have permanent slots with their therapists on your account. It's just that it is to settle confusion and abrupt changes in worldview rather than abuse trauma. :)
  5. spikepipsqueak

    King Richard is sexist?

    Yeah, I get that. Same principle as "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." :) But in this specific case Taylor is telling 2 women that they should have made choices according to her concepts. I wish I could find that irony meter image.
  6. spikepipsqueak

    King Richard is sexist?

    My answer to that would be that if a woman authors a work of art and anyone wants to tell her that, because she is a woman, that work of art should have been different and her choices are not good enough, then that is indeed unacknowledged sexist underpinnings limiting women's choices. Jessica...
  7. spikepipsqueak

    Images that make you laugh

    It took me about 5 minutes to fully comprehend the splendour of that thing.
  8. spikepipsqueak

    What are you reading?

    I can't figure out how I got to be 64 but had never run across Ion Idriess. Did something I rarely do and put down Texas Hold 'em about 10% in.
  9. spikepipsqueak

    Record Crate

    I couldn't get a copy of the White/English/Fawdon JC Superstar so my ex made a CD for me. I now have all the joys of vinyl, including fuzz and jumping needle on a CD. Them woz the days.
  10. spikepipsqueak

    Caption Contest

    "Terraforming the atmosphere went without a hitch. Dunno what we're doing wrong with the soil."
  11. spikepipsqueak

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    Thanks, and I'll have to say "first to post". I'm on someone else's computer and it works even worse than mine.
  12. spikepipsqueak

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    The Silver surfer
  13. spikepipsqueak

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    The Quiet Earth
  14. spikepipsqueak

    Describe your workplace

    If I hire you to look after kids and do a bit of cooking leave your copy of To Serve Man at home.
  15. spikepipsqueak

    Page 206

    The first complete sentence was "Arya see the assassin's company of Faceless Men sitting around the dinner table, planning who will kill who." Sooo, that's a "who do I have to kill to ..." scenario?
  16. spikepipsqueak

    Describe your book collection

    I like this "books-by-the-yard", as a rough approximation. About 43 m of shelves, not counting what's stacked on the floor or still in boxes in the shed. All that would be on shelves if I had more shelves, or somewhere to put them. Once when discussing Aspergillus mould with an allergist, he...
  17. spikepipsqueak

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    Pretty in Pink The Three Amigos
  18. spikepipsqueak

    Famous Movie Lines for The Wrong Movie

    Bloke in the middle "If they say one more thing that rhymes with Ootchie or Cootchie or Diddums I'm going to barf on their shoes."
  19. spikepipsqueak

    Joke gallery

    How does weather get up a tree? Climate.
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