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  1. Brian63

    What do you get from watching movies/TV?

    When I am watching, I am often placing myself in the shoes of the various characters and trying to determine what I would hypothetically do. What are the wise and unwise decisions? What are the moral and immoral decisions? What feelings would I have if [X] happened? So I end up learning a lot...
  2. Brian63

    Have you ever watched a movie/TV show 2x in 1 day?

    Recently I heard someone describe how they loved a movie so much that they watched it twice the same day. I cannot recall ever watching a movie 2x in 1 day. Even an episode of a TV show. Have you ever done that?
  3. Brian63

    Citing proverbs vs genetic fallacies

    Think of any proverbial sayings or powerful expressions you heard in life that have inspired your attitude. Now think of the person who said those. When we publish those remarks in public or even just think about them privately, should it matter who the actual person was that said them? Does...
  4. Brian63

    Have you written your own medical profile?

    Has anyone written a comprehensive medical profile of themselves? It is a handy reference for yourself and also for your doctors during regular visits or even emergencies. Includes contacts of all your doctors. Your medications. Your detailed medical history. Family’s abbreviated medical...
  5. Brian63

    Do you have any very religious figures that you admire?

    Despite having irrational religious beliefs, you may still admire them for their intelligence, morality, courage, etc. I admire MLK, Jr. and would like to read more on him someday. He seemed a great leader and very moral.
  6. Brian63

    Surge protectors

    We bought a new TV recently and want to protect it with strong surge protection. We have the option of buying one brand new. Let's say that we want it to be able to handle 900 joules. Instead of getting a single surge protector that handles that amount, would it work just as well to use several...
  7. Brian63

    Politics and personal finances

    A little history: Currently I am in my young 40s. In my mid 20s I unfortunately developed epilepsy (chronic seizures). One common side effect of seizures is that they can erase large chunks of your long-term memory. That is the case with me. I remember very little of my childhood and almost...
  8. Brian63

    Horseback racing

    This came up in a recent discussion. Anyone know the answers? In horseback racing, do the horses themselves actually know and/or care that they are racing each other? Or are they just doing whatever their rider tells them to do? Do they know whether they won or lost? Do they know the rules of...
  9. Brian63

    Favorite songs of yours

    My recent favorite has become Irene Cara's beautiful "What a Feeling" from the movie Flashdance (which I recently saw for the first time and enjoyed). It puts me in a really fun mood every time I see/hear it. A couple great live performances of it: Video 1 Video 2 My next favorite is "Hungry...
  10. Brian63

    Original sin versus celebration of pregnancy

    Suppose you are an evangelical Christian--- You believe the doctrine of original sin. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and somehow as a result every single descendant of theirs inherited their guilt and blame at the moment they are conceived in the mother's womb. Every single child is born guilty...
  11. Brian63

    Dennis Prager announces he has tried to get COVID-19 infected, and now won

    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/oct/18/dennis-prager-has-covid-19-says-he-deliberately-so/ Yeah, because those damn vaccines just do not work very well, and actually acquiring a more lethal version is so much better for you.
  12. Brian63

    Wartime draft vs vaccine mandate

    Mandates versus drafts What are the relevant similarities and differences between the scenarios of a military draft and a vaccine mandate: Military draft: A country that is attacked by an identifiable foreign enemy and requires an immediate and sizable military enhancement will impose a draft...
  13. Brian63

    Donald Trump references in pop culture and entertainment

    Currently I am in the midst of rewatching a favorite TV series, Smallville. It is about Clark Kent growing up, prior to becoming Superman. In one of the episodes I just watched, it was surprising to hear the name “Trump” mentioned a few times. It has me wondering what other places in...
  14. Brian63

    Excel macro error

    For my new job I am trying to create an Excel macro. Macros are something I am new to, but this should be a very simple one. I want to apply it to the “Personal Macro Workbook” so it functions every time I open up any Excel file. The macro steps would involve simply selecting several columns on...
  15. Brian63

    Best/worst plot twists (spoilers galore alert!)

    Feel free to apply this to books, TV, movies, anything. Recently I saw Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise. Cameron Crowe directed, who also had directed Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Titanic, and Avatar. Some of those I had seen and were great, others I had not seen but were very popular. But I went...
  16. Brian63

    U.S. legal question---dodging questions (contempt of court?)

    Recently I had been discussing with someone the hypothetical of Donald Trump being a defendant in a courtroom and forced to testify under oath. Prosecutors would in part ask him direct yes/no questions. Given Trump's personality and history, however, he seems unable or unwilling to remain that...
  17. Brian63

    Tell me you are a Christian apologist without telling me you are a Christian apologist.

    Recently I came across this funny thread on Twitter: Tell me you are a Christian apologist without telling me you are a Christian apologist. Various responses as some examples: "I once met this rabid atheist professor on a plane, and I asked him the most pathetic, faulty apologetical gotcha...
  18. Brian63

    Your pro wrestling persona

    If you could be a pro wrestler, what would you make as either your: 1. Ring name 2. Entrance theme 3. Signature move (its name and/or description) 4. Signature taunt (“Show it or shut it” is mine) 5. Other
  19. Brian63

    Making fun of your own prior religious beliefs

    This evening I was able to call into and speak on the podcast Truth Wanted. Link and description are found below: https://twitter.com/AtheistDiscord/status/1413681464063905795 or on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/brian.george.507464/posts/1519691321705397 What are your thoughts on...
  20. Brian63


    Recently I finished watching the entire MCU series of movies, in an order that other sites recommended for the sake of continuity. Spoiler alert: In the beginning of Infinity Wars, Thanos had killed Loki. Given that Loki has abilities and affinities for deception and is nicknamed "God of...
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