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    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    Russian Doll Season 1 - 7/10, Season 2 - 2/10 Show about a girl who gets trapped in a time loop, where she continuously dies and relives her 36th birthday. Very cleverly done and while pretty much what you expect from the plot, it has very interesting characters and is well written. Very...
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    What do we really know about Jesus?

    I made up something I call the Rambo Theory of Jesus. I came up with it when they added Rambo to the latest Mortal Kombat game and I got to violently murder people as Rambo with Stallone doing the voice work to talk shit to them before hacking them up - it's fun and you should check it out if...
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    Russia imposes sanctions on Americans

    They're not sanctions, they're a Special Economic Operation.
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    Religion As A Cult

    Someone once said that the difference between a cult and a religion is that a cult has someone at the top who knows it's all fake. With a religion, that person has died.
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    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    The Main In The High Castle - 8/10 Show about a world in the 1960s where the Axis won WW2 and North America is split between the Japanese Empire and the Reich. Mainly follows some resistance people around who have some news reel videos of the Allies winning and the potential of a better world...
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    Build the Wall!

    Speaking as a Canadian, we are very much in favour of you guys building a wall. In fact, if you pay for it, we'll build the wall ourselves. We'll even make it out of ice and pretend to be zombies and shit for tourists if that'll help get the thing up quicker.
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    Caption Contest

    Here we go:
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    Caption Contest

    Trump's new social media company unveils it's logo.
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    It's kind of the most pointless theistic position ever. It's just positing a god for the sake of having a god and then not having that god do anything. Completely unfalsifiable and completely irrelevant. Basically just atheism for people who don't want to call themselves atheists.
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    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    Bridgerton - 2/10 Sort of like Pride and Prejudice if Jane Austin were a meth head who couldn't write. Beautiful set design and costumes and they knocked it out of the park for the visuals of a period piece, Really shallow and two dimensional characters and a whole bunch of sub-plots that...
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    Good Man With Gun who finally stopped bad guy... killed by police

    This goes to show you. If you're going to loot the body of some guy you just killed, make sure there aren't any cops around first.
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    Did you take a class in critical race theory?

    Ya, it's a college level thing. The republicans are making it sound like it's taught in kindergarten. That being said, it should probably be taught in kindergarten.
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    Caption Contest

    Here we go:
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    Caption Contest

    ... and then Spiderman showed up with Elsa, forcing Disney executives to realize they'd taken the whole merger thing way too far and they began selling off various divisions.
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    Caption Contest

    Bullshit I have to pay for two parking spots.
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    Is Crypto dying or just dropping for the moment?

    It's value is based on absolutely nothing at all, so confidence that other people will continue joining in at the bottom of the pyramid scheme is the only thing which keeps it making money. This means that the more people who have issues with it, the less suckers there are to bleed dry. The...
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    Caption Contest

    Hey, can one of you call the clubhouse and see what the rules are on this course about taking mulligans?
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    Caption Contest

    "I am the ghost of abstract representation. Take whatever meaning from my appearance that you will"
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    If Gods are Real, Where are They?

    Also, we tend to steal their apples, even when they've clearly told us that these are their apples and they don't want us taking them. There was someone at my old office who used to do that with yogurt and it was really annoying. I can understand why they wouldn't want to be involved with us...
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    Caption Contest

    Winner! Take it away, none!
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