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  1. Sea of red

    The First Evidence Of Possible Money Laundering Emerges.

    The first evidence of possible money laundering between the Trumps and oligarchs during the election is emerging. Jared Kushner sealed Manhattan real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case...
  2. Sea of red

    You wanna see global warming?

    It's a well repeated myth that we don't know if greenhouse gases (GHG's) are driving the current warming trend, and that perhaps another force such as the Sun is driving the warming. Now, if it was true that the Sun was driving the climate, we would expect the atmosphere to be warmed almost...
  3. Sea of red

    Back the Murder.

    Judge Declares Mistrial In Murder Case Against Former S.C. Police Officer http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/12/05/504424889/judge-declares-mistrial-in-murder-case-against-former-s-c-police-officer For all you police apologists that seriously wonder why there is so much hostility...
  4. Sea of red

    Vile Conservative Bitch Wants Our Sympathy

    I can't stand these FOX news women at all but what's more irritating is that the ex-anchors are now wanting both money and sympathy for the harassment they went through. Andrea Tantaros is suing FOX for an absurd amount of money, and is now admitting what we already knew about FOX news. This...
  5. Sea of red

    Could Clinton lose?

    I know it's something a lot of us thought couldn't happen (hopefully it won't) but Trump looks like he could turn this thing around. In pretty much all of the polls Clinton's lead has shrunk, and Trump is now leading in Ohio. Can Trump win? I know I myself foolishly called it, but I think this...
  6. Sea of red

    Trump down six points in FIXED news poll.

    Yep, Trump is down by six points to Hiliary in the latest poll by FOX news. If this is the FOX poll then you know the other numbers are worse - which they are. And there's the number that's going to seal the election for Clinton. This election is already over, it's just a matter of playing the...
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