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    christian cliches that grind your gears

    I'll start with "the world"
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    so now the bible forbids...

    fuckin...labor unions? https://kentbrandenburg.com/2020/09/04/christians-and-labor-unions-unequal-yoke/ anyone ever heard THIS while doing time in Christianland? holy shit!
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    UBI even worth bothering?

    What would stop every landlord from jacking up the rent by exactly the amount of the UBI? Likewise health insurers, etc?
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    what happened to the liberating potential of technology?

    Or is it still there? Will technology ever be anything other than a money making and social control tool for the wealthy and governments? Will regular people ever again benefit from new technology in capacities other than entertainment?
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    Rush Limbaugh death pool?

    How much longer does Herr Goeb...Uh, I mean, Rush Have? I don't know, but when he goes it will be a rare occasion for gravedancing for me, same when Cheney and Trump go. Sometimes I think that there could be a nuclear holocaust and that cocksucker would still be on the air, blaming it on and...
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    THe alt-right: a bad 80s/90s nostalgia trip by some of gen x/y?

    So sometime ago I was lurking with mildly horrified curiosity at some message boards, forums and youtube channels frequented by alt-right types. Apart from the most obvious(holy shit neo-nazi dickheads!), I noticed a lot of nostalgia for 80s, 90s pop culture and life in general. Ok, I was born...
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    If/When a vaccine becomes available

    You'll be fine if you're lucky enough to be european, but here in the states, well...
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    Will The Oligarchy that owns the US eeeevvvvveerrrrrr be slightly reined in?

    this is ridiculous. How much longer can the gulf grow between public opinion and actual governance. Will things EVER change in the US? Will we ever joined civilized countries with UHC? I could go on and on. Their doesnt seem to be any end to the slide to a corporate controlled sci-fi dystopia...
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    your employer wants to watch you piss via microphip

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI3wDj3h8n0 The employer featured in the video makes/manages the kiosk in my workplace's cafeteria. When (not if) this becomes common and when (not if) most employers make it mandatory, the American right will have to choose between its bible thumping-"mark of...
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    So 20 years from now...

    Will liberals at sites like this and democraticunderground still be saying if the Dems just do x and y the US will enter a new progressive or at least sane era? I just don't see anything turning around. The repubs own the courts and they love them some voter suppression. What will it take to get...
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    What is driving it all?

    Specifically, is the putsch(Trump, Brexit, etc.) being driven by impending resource scarcity and or climate change? I’ll spare my thoughts on why/ how and wait for yours, I wonder if I’m crazy for thinking this.
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    Will corporate power evvvveeeeerrrrrrr be reined in?

    I ask from the American context but the question does have ramifications globally as well. So how and when will it get done short of the extinction of the human race or at least the transformation of the US to look like a whiter version of Haiti?
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    The US Oligarchy

    Will anything ever be done about? If so, how and when? Will the US ever have nice things such as universal healthcare? I am beginning to think the answer to both questions is no, and and our oligarchy via campaign bribery and other skeezy influences will have no end other than total collapse or...
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    The scariest fucking thing i've ever read

    https://thebaffler.com/salvos/oculus-grift-shivani from the end: "By transferring—because of its distributed network capabilities—much of the decision-making work of pure financial logic to human beings (and other entities that still think of themselves as autonomous, such as firms and...
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    Why no revolution in Victorian England?

    While recently contemplating the US 2016 situation, I now wonder why there was no revolution in Victorian England. We seem to be reverting to that sort of oppressive class structure-complete with the bosses yapping about how us proles just don't work hard enough and such:mad:. I am afraid that...
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    stereotypes about non-religious behavior

    Thinking back on my religious childhood I was pretty much taught a lot of nasty stereotypes about the behavior of those who are not uber-christian. They party all the time, sleep around, do a ton of drugs every weekend, Jerk it like 6 times a day to porn, etc. In fact I have found most people...
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    Are educated people becoming LESS freethinking/secular

    At my workplace and in my social circles the past few years, I have noticed a new pattern. It seems that conservative religious types are more likely to get lots of (the right kind of course) of education and the nice cushy professional well paying jobs, while the less educated less money making...
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