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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I don't actually vote Labor - but it's not surprising to see you resort to ad hominems rather than even attempt to debate the pathetic record of the current government or your demonstrated ignorance of the political spectrum. The irony of the matter is that Bill Shorten is an insipid...
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    You actually read like caricature. Australian Labor are to the right of most governments in the Northern European countries - all of which score better on most economic and quality of life indicators than Australia. (Still I like the beach so not going to live there). Australian Labor is not...
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    No, I just follow their policies. They actually have some, which is more than can be said for the LNP, who in between attempts to cut services & corporate taxes while pushing coal and knifing their leaders, just screech about immigration and border security. It didn't work in the recent...
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Lol. The current right wing government is economically, socially, environmentally and diplomatically incompetent. There are large swaths of the Australian population that will be better off once they are out of office. The interesting thing about your comment is that you identify labor as left...
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    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    Ingrid Goes West Single white female for the Instagram generation. Well acted, good characters, no superheroes. Recommend. 7.5/10
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    A Green New Deal?

    This year saw the highest ever levels of CO2 emissions, after a number of years without an increase. It's a meaningful change.
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    Last Jedi was good and you're insane

    https://youtu.be/f83D18xL7VE Mr Plinkett summarises it nicely.
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    Here’s the psychological problem that causes Trump supporters to keep getting duped

    Cool, sounds like you are putting up your hand to pay back $16 billion (so far) in bailouts to the agricultural sector as a result of the trade war then? https://www.bbc.com/news/business-44945112 Are they winning too?
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    Portugal for the win - again

    I'm not getting a link showing, but it could be the mobile site.
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    Shooting in Munich, let me guess who is responsoible

    If we were in the dark ages or pre CE I would agree with you. But we aren't, so it is currently way more fucked up than the other abrahamic religions as they are currently practiced
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    First Came Brexit, Now Comes Texit

    I'm pretty sure those are standing orders in Texas.
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    Attention Climate Change Deniers: Can you deny this?

    I'm sure they'll find a way.
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    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    Indeed. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Breaking Bad.
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    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    The Fifth Element 9/10 Ahh, a movie from a different age. No superheroes, fantastic characters, awesome sets & costumes, some solid acting and a storyline that, while a little generic, was not rehashed from a film of the same name made anywhere from 4-30 years before. I've always had a soft...
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    Xkcd appreciation thread

    I've always loved this one: https://xkcd.com/954/
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    Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End is coming to TV

    That's not my memory of the book. I seem to remember it being explained weakly by a cultural/species 'memory' that works both back and forward in time - so the natural revulsion towards the form of the aliens is a result of people 'remembering' that they augured our destruction. I had a quick...
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    Europe - The Barbarian Invasion has Begun.

    This thread has proceeded somewhat predictably along the same lines these conversations do - racist overtones from the people crying out that this immigration is the end of the world - with an altogether blase "everything will be fine" approach from the those who disagree. Can we at least be a...
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    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    A lovely film. Agree they softened Mr. Holmes a bit but I enjoyed all the actors, even the kid, and it was a story well told. Ian McKellan was brilliant. I usually don't go to the cinema to see smaller films like this but I found myself enjoying it more than some of the superhero films I caught...
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    The Trump Game?

    I want to believe that but at the same time I've known my fair share of irrational nutbags in my life, none of them have also been billionaires. I have no problem accepting that he is an arrogant narcissistic fuckhead but he's also made enough money to not write off the possibility he's on a...
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