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  1. George S

    The Crazy Cat Lady -- explained

  2. George S

    Physics video by Eugene K

    Over classical music and read by a beautiful voice: Posted 10/5/19 NfqrCdAjiks Posted 8/8/16 gcvq1DAM-DE Posted 12/28/14 -- my favorite 9Tm2c6NJH4Y Many, many more at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ0yBou72Lz9fqeMXh9mkog
  3. George S

    Was the collision that formed Luna responsible for water and life on Earth?

    Could it be that the solution to the Fermi paradox is that life takes a very, very rare event? RB5eUdHub8M
  4. George S

    NASA presents their prediction for Solar Cycle 25

    Here is how a scientific model is supposed to work. It will have successfully predicted current events. With the model below Solar Cycle 24, which is in its last year, was successfully predicted in 2008. This gives confidence in the current prediction of the next 11 years, Solar Cycle 25 --...
  5. George S

    Carbon Dioxide Rate of Change Follows Temperature (with ~9 month lag)

  6. George S


    Here she goes off on another of her age who is a climate alarmist. [Trigger warning, do not watch if a 14-yr-old girl using the f-word offends you.] https://www.bitchute.com/video/aoS3FfY2ADHL/
  7. George S

    An optical "illusion" -- perceptual phenomenon: effing awesome!

  8. George S

    Could AI's be dangerous?

    Success for a replicator is to replicate. Failing to do that is a sign it is not, in fact, a replicator. Such replicators go extinct. The human program: While alive ... do what it takes to stay alive ... when the opportunity to replicate personal genes presents itself, do so ... promote the...
  9. George S

    Fake Peer Review

    It had to happen, didn't it. It turns out not all peer-reviewed publications are peer-reviewed. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/04/fake-academe-fined-50-1-million/
  10. George S

    Magnetic Pole Reversal

    The below is a short video on recent scientific theories about the weak geomagnetic field during pole reversals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJKTLuvGAU4
  11. George S

    Today there is a report of how to time travel.

    If you are an electron there is a chance so small it may have occurred only once since the beginning that that electron traveled back a time so short it is difficult to tell from zero. Then they use a quantum computer to force that state. It works: Time reversal on demand. Experimentally...
  12. George S


    Looking at not what is moral but what is immoral it occurred to me that all immorality has one thing in common. The lie. An honest thief can be a moral man in all other regards. His lie is his claim to others that he owns his stolen goods, his to use, his to sell. Not all lies are immoral of...
  13. George S

    For pagans, Happy Saturnalia

    Happy Saturnalia. As practiced in Rome it involved public drunken orgies. (Do not try this in downtown Dubuque, IA.) For Wiccans, Blessed Yule.
  14. George S

    Novel Tax Solutions

    Make all Federal tax be a tax on GDP. Business thrives on predictability. They can plan ahead better. When different sectors, industries, and different companies get tax favors planning ahead is difficult. So, no corporate income tax. It has been a sales tax all along. Who pays that tax...
  15. George S

    The meaning of life. Deep Down.

    Gene Survival Replicators love to, uh, replicate. Well, not "love to," they just do. It is, by definition, their nature. The language of desire or goal is from a gene's point of view, as if it had a point of view. Genes love to replicate, being replicators. Natural Selection is survival of...
  16. George S


    The conscious is a passenger on a bus it is not driving; the spokesman for the body/mind responsible for explaining why the body/mind did what it did. Responsible for telling the driver where to go. Consciousness is the on-board computer capable of reasoning, capable of drawing inferences...
  17. George S

    Hillary sex scandal

    It is reported that Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener have "flipped." Turned state's evidence. If false this is the dirtiest of dirty tricks imaginable. If true this is unbelievable. http://yournewswire.com/state-dept-insider-hillary-clinton-child-sex-scandal/
  18. George S

    Population of Male/Female by IQ

  19. George S

    Population of Blacks/Whites in US by IQ

  20. George S

    Do you know a cannibal?

    If abortion is murder, a blowjob is cannibalism.
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