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  1. Ford

    Bob Saget

    Deserves his own thread on here. A bunch of my friends from the old radio days have been posting their pictures with him on social media, talking about what a nice guy he was, and while I never took a picture, I did meet him. Walked into one of the on-air studios during a break in an interview...
  2. Ford

    So Bibi Wants To Begin The "Final Solution."

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/netanyahu-vows-to-start-annexing-west-bank-in-bid-to-rally-the-right/ar-BBVGAV1?li=BBnbfcL This is the end game. It's ethnic cleansing. I thought the Israelis would incrementally push the Palestinians off the occupied territories over decades, but it...
  3. Ford

    Joe Biden's Eulogy for John McCain

    I'm off work this week, and caught the entire McCain service since it was pretty much the only thing on our local TV channels this morning. There was a moment where I thought that maybe Joe was going a little long, but then I remembered that McCain himself had probably planned much of this, and...
  4. Ford

    What Podcast Are You Listening To And How Would You Rate It?

    I'm just beginning to dip my toes into the shore of the podcast ocean. The water seems inviting. In a way, podcasts are like long-form radio shows broadcast to your computer or mobile device, and that's appealing to me. I just finished the "Lost Books of the Bible" episode of Time Suck with...
  5. Ford

    So...We're Done With the Whole "Birther" Thing Now...right?

    Tomorrow, a new President will be sworn in. Barack "OMG his middle name is HUSSEIN!!!" Obama will step down. Off the top of my head, the following things will now never happen: He will never be removed from office after being proven to have been born in Kenya. He will never implement Sharia...
  6. Ford

    Trump's Promise on Health Care

    So some time within the next 48 hours, one of the many Trump promises on the table will be to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that covers everyone, is cheaper, and will cure the common cold, cancer, and gayness. Okay maybe all these things won't happen, but ruling out the last...
  7. Ford

    Trump Makes Me Miss George W. Bush

    I know...he's not even been sworn in yet, but the President-elect went on a Tweet-storm overnight because Meryl Streep took time out of her acceptance speech to launch some broadsides at Trump. A little over 8 years ago, President George W. Bush, after being physically assaulted by an Iraqi...
  8. Ford

    Trump's Supreme Court Nomination

    As of the swearing in of the new Congress, Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court is dead. It is up to Trump to fill the vacancy on the highest court. Of course the worry is that he'll nominate a right winger to fill Scalia's seat, but given the cabinet/administration picks he's...
  9. Ford

    House Benghazi Investigation Ends Quietly One Month After Election. Coincidence?

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/12/12/house-benghazi-committee-files-final-report-and-shuts-down/95336692/ Nothing more to see here, folks. Justice for the victims has finally been served, and no further inquiries into what happened on September 11th, 2012 are warranted. The...
  10. Ford

    So, We're Gonna Try This Whole "Trickle-Down Economics" Thing Again???

    I was listening to NPR (you know, National Pinko Radio) on the way home tonight, and Grover "Drown the Government in a bathtub" Norquist was just about beside himself with joy over the prospect of a GOP-controlled White House/Congress combo lowering taxes on rich people "job creators," and I...
  11. Ford

    Hillary Has the "Woman Card" (and a handful of aces)

    So here we are...a week away from the official nomination of the first woman with an actual chance to win the Presidency. On another social media platform I read something which has been echoed throughout this campaign..."is she really qualified?" The implication was that all she had was the...
  12. Ford

    Exra Klein Dives Into the Gap Between Pulbic Perception of HIllary and What She's Like in Person

    http://www.vox.com/a/hillary-clinton-interview/the-gap-listener-leadership-quality This is not the first time I've heard that while she comes across as a policy wonk at best, and an ice queen at worst in public, in person Hillary Clinton is smart, funny, and engaging. The article isn't...
  13. Ford

    So...We Gonna Talk About This Speech?

    http://www.bet.com/video/betawards/2016/acceptance-speeches/jesse-williams-receives-humanitarian-award.html "The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystanders...if you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of...
  14. Ford

    Tailgunner Newt?

    As Yogi Berra once said, it is Deja Vu all over again: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/283511-gingrich-revive-house-un-american-activities-committee#.V2CXhw4yHXo.facebook Newt "President of the Moon" Gingrich thinks we need to start hauling citizens up in front of Congress again and...
  15. Ford

    Donald J. Trump: RINO

    While watching Republicans like Miss Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and Mark Kirk alternately express disgust for Trump's clearly racist statements on the "Mexican" judge and line up (gamely) behind him, it struck me that there was a term I hadn't heard once this election season: Republican In Name...
  16. Ford

    So Obama is in Cuba.

    Much is being made of the historic nature of this visit, and with good reason. Obama is the first sitting President to visit the island since "Silent Cal" Coolidge made his way down to Havana. Of course the Miami ex-pats are losing their minds over this (and by extension the Florida...
  17. Ford

    Bernie Sanders Surrenders to The Muslim Horde

    First they came for Europe, but I did nothing, as I was not European... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCvvODhy1xM
  18. Ford

    Benghazi Hearing Final Score: Gowdy 0, Clinton Won

    After months of buildup, and eleven hours of testimony, the consensus seems to be that Hillary won this latest round convincingly. http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/257844-clinton-largely-unscathed-by-gop-benghazi-hearing...
  19. Ford

    A Thought on the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Since the agreement was announced, much ink has been spilled comparing the US to Britain going into Munich. Iran to Nazi Germany. Obama to Neville Chamberlain. "Peace for our time," the mocking headlines proclaim. Appeasement is the accusation. But if you look at the balance of...
  20. Ford

    She Can't See Russia From Here..Or Apparently, a City of 3 Million People.

    http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2015/02/sarah_palin_uses_papago_park_in_heart_of_phoenix_to_portray_middle_of_nowhe.php Seriously. It is a very nice area, but it is on the border between Phoenix and Scottsdale. Not exactly the wilderness. Not even close.
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