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  1. Nice Squirrel

    Yet another school shooting

  2. Nice Squirrel

    Mueller investigation

    The Times is reporting that Hillary did something... Better not pay attention to this investigation... IMPEACH HILLARY!
  3. Nice Squirrel

    Trump is not a racist

    Hence some of the "traditional" food here that survives from the old country like klube. If you were better off you made it with lard. And they came here and took the worst and most dangerous jobs as that was all that was available to them. They were too afraid to unionize unlike other ethnic...
  4. Nice Squirrel

    Nazi sympathizer profiled in New York Times loses job

    Not just acts of violence, but open acts of manipulation that will bring out the dehumanization and death of others as a act of "mercy".
  5. Nice Squirrel

    Coal miners refuse retraining because Trump promised to bring back coal jobs

    Well, yeah, see Bhutan. But if no one else is training, you can use the training to one up yourself. By why try.
  6. Nice Squirrel

    Will GOP Cut Social Security And Medicare Before Or After The 2018 Election?

    They will cut it. Ryan and others have had their eye on it for years.
  7. Nice Squirrel

    "Me Too" Judge Roy Moore

    Moore is the kind of stupid that will always blame others and never take personal responsibility.
  8. Nice Squirrel

    Leaker, no you're the leaker!

    That we could have gotten there by other routes.
  9. Nice Squirrel

    Leaker, no you're the leaker!

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/16/us/keystone-pipeline-leak/index.html Place your bets...
  10. Nice Squirrel

    "Me Too" Judge Roy Moore

    Not according to the latest accuser whom he seemed to stalk at the place she worked.
  11. Nice Squirrel


    LD is correct. I am wrong.
  12. Nice Squirrel


    Yes, both parties do it, but with the rise of computers it has become more damaging. Some states have non-partisan boards. Minnesota has a law that says if the two major parties don't agree the Supreme Court oversees a compromise between and equal number of dems and reps.
  13. Nice Squirrel

    Pants-saggin, police-hating, black power/#BLM idiot elected in Charlotte

    Wait, nothing about the transgender person of color elected to office in Minneapolis? (and to think someone had to point out to me that she was a person of color, because I never noticed she was B-l-a-c-k.)
  14. Nice Squirrel

    Vote suppression -- now we have some evidence of the effects

    Even then, if your licence is suspended you cannot get an ID. I think our fee for real ID is $50
  15. Nice Squirrel

    Vote suppression -- now we have some evidence of the effects

    I've done all of these things without ID. I've never had a problem. I've even crossed international borders and went through customs without an ID.
  16. Nice Squirrel

    Come Hell or High Water: You go, Milo!

    Until I actually see Milo having sex with a Black man, I will withhold my belief in his statements.
  17. Nice Squirrel

    Campus "rape", a clear indication the univsities are doing it wrong

    If he made it clear that punishing men was the reason behind the Dear Colleague Letter, then it should be easy to produce a citation. You'll also need to explain how universities were restrained before "witch-hunt mode" since they had all the power to go into "witch-hunt mode" before this. In...
  18. Nice Squirrel

    Campus "rape", a clear indication the univsities are doing it wrong

    Many of those laws passed in a Republican-controlled legislature. I also want to see a citation about your increase in false positive claims.
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