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  1. bilby

    The Economics Department

    There's no "overpopulation hunger". During the last serious famine in sub-Saharan Africa (the 'Live Aid' famine of the 1980s), it was a well known fact that overpopulation was a major cause. Ethiopia now has over three times the population, and no famine. That's only possible if the well known...
  2. bilby

    Compatibilism: What's that About?

    I never thought otherwise. That doesn't make them not real, though. Everything you are talking about is a part of reality. Everything.
  3. bilby

    No thread on Patrick Lyoya?

    Of course it fucking is. Don't routinely carry a gun, and you cannot have it taken from you. Don't carry a taser, and guess what? You Americans are crazy.
  4. bilby

    Replacement Theory

    Because if there's one thing we know for sure about nazis, it's that they are trustworthy people who never lie about their motives or intentions. :rolleyesa:
  5. bilby

    Compatibilism: What's that About?

    Since the brain is a real object, and a part of the world, it can only process (or be programmed to process) reality. What else do you think it has access to, apart from reality?
  6. bilby

    evolution question

    And such close similarity is the exception, not the rule. So clearly genetics ain't everything.
  7. bilby

    Caption Contest

    ...and then I got this great job, as a police informant.
  8. bilby

    No thread on Patrick Lyoya?

    Whose taser was it? You don't get to supply weapons to suspects, and then kill them 'because they are armed'. A police officer who cannot prevent a suspect from taking his weapons shouldn't have those weapons.
  9. bilby

    Replacement Theory

    You can save a lot of time by not reading anything Lumpen writes that is more than a few lines long. I have noticed that the amount of words he uses is directly proportional to how likely he is to be completely and obviously wrong; Indeed, I strongly suspect that the less confident he is, the...
  10. bilby


    Your post is in quotation marks. Who or what are you quoting? And why? And why do you expect anyone to care?
  11. bilby

    evolution question

    I think you are underestimating the influence of the environment. Identical twins aren't identical. People who know them well can almost always tell them apart.
  12. bilby

    The good old days of reliable news

    Sure there is - when they want to know stuff in order to make money. The reliable press is now the finance press. The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Australian Financial Review - their readers demand real information about what's happening, because that affects the value of their...
  13. bilby

    evolution question

    Yeah, it's far more complicated than that. Genes aren't an instruction set or a blueprint for making a phenotype, and the influences on phenotype are myriad. Sure, genetics and epigenetics are a big-ish part of that, but there's a stack of other influences, which is why identical twins aren't...
  14. bilby

    Replacement Theory

    'Replacement theory' depends entirely on the questionable premise that other white people aren't just as determined to eradicate fascist nutters as are members of various minorities. Never mind blacks, jews, latinos, or whoever else you are irrationally terrified by; If you subscribe to...
  15. bilby

    Replacement Theory

    No, no, it's easy to tell which president changed a law, rule or regulation. If you don't like that change, it was Obama. If you do, it wasn't.
  16. bilby

    No thread on Patrick Lyoya?

    It was someone whose job is to serve and protect the public (which includes suspects), and to ensure that suspects get due process. He is "expected to deal with violent drug addled criminals who are a danger to the rest of us", without them getting hurt, much less killed. Indeed it is his job...
  17. bilby

    Climate Change(d)?

    Human beings have been incredibly successful at surviving in pretty much every terrestrial environment, because we use tools and technologies to allow us to do so. Cities are incredibly hostile environments. They produce insufficient food, and typically have inadequate water too. This isn't...
  18. bilby

    Biden administration announces partial student loan forgiveness

    I was a software engineer. Now I drive a bus. I am happier; And I am damn sure that I am making a lot of other people's lives directly easier, happier, and better. I am not, however, adding anything like as much value for shareholders, a fact which causes me no loss of sleep whatsoever.
  19. bilby

    When you break it down: is atheism unappealing?

    Me? No. But that shouldn't surprise anyone.
  20. bilby

    Post Your Own Wildlife Photography

    Spiders aren't monsters. Just misunderstood. Have you read Adrian Tchaikovsky's excellent Children of Time? If not, you should.
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