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    ID the Thug

    Stormy Daniels' lawyer released a police sketch of the person that physically threatened his client about 7 years ago. They are offering $100,000 for information leading to the identification of this person. Details to come at IDtheThug.com (still under construction).
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    Religion is genetic now?

    I was at a bar with some friends and we were talking about something a doctor said to one of us in response to the question of why breast cancer rates are so high in our geographical region. Their doctor said it was because of the higher than average density of Jewish people skewing the...
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    One Strange Rock

    National geographic is starting a series on March 26 called "One Strange Rock", narrated by Will Smith, directed by Darren Aronofsky. My first thought about this was that it will be a "Morgan Freeman" style of pop science, kowtowing to creationists and philosophical coconspirators. Then, I...
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    Bonaire - the "diver's paradise"

    Bonaire is a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela. It is the "B" in the "ABC Islands" (Aruba and Curacao are the others). Located in the Lower Antilles, it has the best scuba diving opportunities of anywhere on Earth. The entire island is basically an ancient coral reef head. It is Dutch...
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    Rick Gates Flips on Trump

    Trump's former campaign manager, Rick Gates, has been working with Meuller's team for the past month on a plea deal, which just became public yesterday. The incredible aspect of this is that he was apparently granted "Queen for a Day"... an old legal term meaning that he was granted complete...
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    Why is this legal?

    Politicians get away with far too much, considering they are public employees. Things that are illegal in some, or all, industries are not illegal when it comes to politics.... since politicians make the laws, this may not be so surprising... but makes it even more of an outrage. Ground rules...
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    Is Trump being poisoned?

    Sometimes, in the interest of the good for the many, one may be forced to harm the few. With the "sudden" apparent decline in Trump's mental capacity, evidenced by his staff's statements, your own ears when you listen to him, his dwindling hours in public view, and Trump's own statements to...
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    Bigger Paychecks Anyone?

    I just got my first 2018 paycheck. it is exactly 3 dollars LESS than last year, under the new tax withholding. Anyone getting a bigger check, as promised?
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    Silliest things poeple believe

    Tell us a story about some of the most ridiculous things you have gotten others to believe.... One day, I brought in the mail and found among it my village tax bill. Nothing I need to pay directly, it get's paid automatically along with my mortgage... but the letter looks important. I opened...
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    If you have a VR headset, you really want to see this (NSFW)

    WARNING - ADULT CONTENT: VR porn. Generally, the 3D movies you can find for free online are pretty terrible... and they're just movies.. non-interactive, 3D videos that were recorded with random settings that never match your headset's aspect ratio. Anyway, VR / 3D porn is not the way to...
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    Unreal Engine - For "Free"

    For those of you that have dabbled (or more) in software development for video games, I thought I would pass on to you something I recently discovered (old news, but new to me)... Epic Games owns the Unreal Engine... possibly the best known and widely used development environment.. used in...
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    52, and other unimaginably large numbers

    It has been said that if you shuffle a deck of cards, the resulting arrangement of 52 cards will be unique... in that the odds are extremely high that never in the history of card-shuffling has that particular arrangement of cards ever existed. I thought that was pretty cool, so I looked more...
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    Geometry Question re: Hexagons

    For a woodworking project... I want to cut a smooth circle from the outer perimeter of a constructed hexagon. I need to calculate how wide a board I need to construct the hexagon with, such that there is sufficient material to cut away to form a circle, while maintaining integrity of the...
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    Newnez Steps Down

    Schiff announced moments ago that Newnez is stepping down from chairing the House Intelligence committee, in light of a newly launched Ethics Investigation on Newnez's inappropriate behavior in sharing evidence with suspects of the investigation (Whitehouse officials).
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    Trump Victim Blames Sexual Assault

    No big surprise there. Trump tweets that Bill O'Riley is "a good man".... and that he "should not have settled" because he thinks he is innocent. According to those that use the term Victim Blaming around here (quite a lot), since Trump is saying that the (alleged) victim is lying about the...
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    Flynn Agrees to Testify.. BUT...

    .. BUT, his lawyers indicate that he will only testify if granted immunity from prosecution. Note, this is the same man that led a "Lock her up" rallying call against Hillary... and the same man that publically stated that if a person seeks immunity, it means they committed a crime. I am not...
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    What is minimally acceptable?

    On the topic of minimum wage, I am curious about people's thoughts on entitlement. How many people is 1 minimum wage supposed to support? What does it mean to be supported? One person, living on 5th avenue, NY, with 1 car, 1 parking space, 1 cell phone, and healthy eating habits will spend a...
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    DERAIL - Swedish Prostitution

    .. an incident that had nothing to do with 'terrorism', or 'immigration', or any 'immigrant'. What is the relevance of this random incident? False. Sweden is doing it right. When they have a social issue, they go after those causing harm, and treat those affected as the victims. Prostitution...
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    SNL 1, Trump 0

    Saturday Night Live, winning the hearts and minds of people around the world for generations through satire has scored big time. On February 10th, just 3 days after I departed the Dominican Republic (damn it!), the following newspaper article was published in DR. the content of the article is...
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    Flynn Resigns - Impeachment proceedings begin

    According to http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/13/politics/michael-flynn-white-house-national-security-adviser/ Reps. John Conyers, Jr., top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Elijah Cummings, top Democrat on the House oversight Committee -- sent a request for a "full classified briefing"...
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