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    Growing 'mortality gap' detected between Democratic and Republican counties

    I don’t know why but I’m not surprised. It’s weird.
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    Read any good books lately?

    Do audiobooks count? I listened to All Tomorrows by C.M. Kösemen. It’s about humanity being conquered then mutated into many different subspecies by a powerful alien race called the Qu. It was pretty entertaining.
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    Not One Corpse Has Been Found In The ‘Mass Grave’ Of Indigenous Children In Canada

    The graves should be exhumed and any corpses found should be put under forensic investigation.
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    Conspiracy Theories: WaPo Quiz

    I was wrong on one of the questions. It was the genetically modified food has dangerous properties that is hidden from the public. I was wrong because my dumbass didn’t read the question fully.
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    Trashing Kent Hovind's "Doctoral Dissertation".

    Careful, Jason. Hovind might respond by smacking a SpongeBob effigy of you with a hammer.
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    The trials of the Capitol assaulters

    It’s funny how actually living in terrible prison conditions can change a person’s perspective on terrible prison conditions. I wonder if the ACLU will help them given how often such people vilify the ACLU.
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    Black militia man shoots a police officer in the head in Florida

    In that post you asked “Europeans didn’t enslaved there own people.” That’s treating Europeans as a single group. In that post you asked “How do you explain the part where Europeans don’t enslave there own people? I’m certain you can find a comparison in history somewhere.” You did not specify...
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    Black militia man shoots a police officer in the head in Florida

    Europeans did enslave other Europeans. “ Slaves were acquired from all the wars Rome fought during the Republic and the imperial era. Each war fetched thousands of slaves. Romans recruited slaves from all regions without any regard for race. Most of these slaves belonged to Thrace, Gallia...
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    Black militia man shoots a police officer in the head in Florida

    That’s why I wrote “largely” and not all.
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    Black militia man shoots a police officer in the head in Florida

    Back in the 90s and early 2000s the group that killed the most police officers was the Sovereign Citizen Movement. Whom were largely made up of white people, politically right wing, and believed in conspiracy theories to back up there ideology. I don’t know how true this is in the new Twenties.
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    Clergy who stop believing

    It makes me wonder how many of the clergy, from any religion and time period, actually believe what they say. The hierarchs of religious institutions often acquire great wealth, power, and privilege. The further up you go the more a person gets. Just look at the Catholic Church, Protestant...
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    QAnon Supporters Say Cicada Landing on Biden's Neck Is Proof Plan Is Working

    Has there ever been a Qanon prediction or conspiracy, no matter how trivial, that has been shown to be true?
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    Tulsa isn’t the only race massacre you were never taught in school. Here are others.

    I learned about the Tulsa Massacre in school. Plus several others such as the one in Rosewood, Florida. Apparently school has just been getting worse.
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    Anarchism/Capitalism Thread Split

    The word libertarian actually was a word for anarchist. Murray Rothbard admits this.
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    Anarchism/Capitalism Thread Split

    About that: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq-07-17
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    Read any good books lately?

    I like Richard J. Evan’s Third Reich Trilogy. And Ian Kershaw’s biography on Hitler is good too.
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    What were the 70s and 80s like for you?

    I was born in 1984 so not much. Just soiling myself and breastfeeding until I was weened and toilet trained. Sometime afterwards I was being taught to speak. Edit: Hey, excreationist. Have you ever watched Netflix’s Toys That Made Us?
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    Conservative Get Angry When Rage Against The Machine Gets Political

    I was unaware that RATM was still around. I thought they broke up decades ago.
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    What an idiot!

    The only way to know if the method Antonio Brown wants to use on the juveniles will work is to try it first. So I wouldn’t go so far to call him an idiot.
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    Left wing extremists raging in Portlandia again

    Yes. You should do it to confound the white man. Seriously. If they want the statue removed there are actual legal ways to do it.
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