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    Things that make you laugh...

    It is official. I've been around too long...because I've heard this story of Keith's before. :)
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    Impeachment II thread

    As far as looking at it from the outside goes, I think you are in the minority. Most of the world views Trump (and thus America these past four years) at best as a joke and at worst a threat to democracy. From what I can tell from most world news outlets and non-American friends, they view the...
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    The Trumps snub the Bidens on their way out

    Will Crayola make boxes of just Orange crayons?
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    I'm a Wizard! Ask Me Anything

    The cameraman...
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    Awkward Moment

    I prefer - "I am sorry for your loss," if I don't really know the person. If I do, it is usually something more along the lines of, "I believe your loved one is as they were before they were born and am thankful they are no longer in pain." Because honestly, if the choice is heaven or hell...
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    The World-O-Meter Thread

    Gun Nut, I think you are misreading fromderinside's post. You are both saying the same thing. fromderinside: "immunity is very limited in duration" Gun Nut: "If your body didn't reduce the the amount of antibodies it produces in response to every specific infection you ever have had in your...
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    Selection pressures for long hair and beards in humans?

    I'm hoping you mean boobs on men are functionally useless...because breasts for females are probably one of the most important genetic advantages we have as a species (ability to feed young)...
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    Trump VS COVID-19 Threat

    Ummm....none of the quotes in your link are inaccurate or wrong let alone a humiliation of the United States. We've had a dark history...and currently a dark present. To ignore that history is to be foolish, especially when dealing with foreign leaders who know our history well and see us...
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    Dude, Where's My Car? - The Game

    Scooby Doo, who stole my car. A classic who dun it.
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    Dude, Where's My Car? - The Game

    The Dude: 'Woo' peed on my car. The sequel to the Big Lebowski.
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    Dude, Where's My Car? - The Game

    Come to find out...this Dude was the President.
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    Trump VS COVID-19 Threat

    I've got an idea...take everyone who is protesting that they need to get back to work...and send them to the meat processing plants. I'm wondering how quickly their cognitive dissonance would break?
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    Parenting Megathread

    I forget which one my wife ended up with as it's been about 4 years now since our daughter was in need. Definitely go with an automated one over a manual pump. Also, have your wife ask her OBGYN as many insurance companies will now cover the cost of a pump.
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    Things that make you laugh...

    My wife is also a teacher. I believe her comment this year was, "Yay, I never have to see those bastards in Period 2 ever again..."
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    Phrases to Learn for Traveling

    Basic counting. Left, Right, Straight Danger, Stop Delicious
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    What music are you listening to right now? (Warning: Lotsa videos)

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    Images that make you laugh

    Ray doesn't need the Li...it is just plumerai (plume ray)
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    Images that make you laugh

    Aloe vera, etta james, john travolta, smoke, and ray liotta....although you have to think of a different name for smoke (or the shape of it).
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    Would a maximum wage ratio work?

    If we're talking about a smaller company here, are you really looking to bring someone in who is making 2 million a year for a CEO - to keep with the 100x limit...which I was only offering as an easy example. It might have to be closer to 200x to make sense. What is a 'ratio' that would make...
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