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  1. bilby

    No reasonable person could possibly believe the nonsense published by the Mail Online and Daily Mail

    ...at least, not according to the Mail Online, whose lawyers attempted to use this as a defence in the IPSO hearing against them for publishing an article referring to “British towns that are no-go areas for white people” I wonder if the various posters here who have cited this (and similar)...
  2. bilby

    Extreme weather

    We've had a bit of rain here, due to the La Niña in the Pacific Ocean, with the expectation of above average rainfall throughout the summer.
  3. bilby

    Today in history: The Battle of Bamber Bridge

    On this day in 1943 was the ‘Battle of Bamber Bridge’, a mutiny within the US Army which took place in the small English village of Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. In the 1940s US troops were still segregated into black and white under the 'Jim Crow' laws, and there were several incidents of racial...
  4. bilby

    Reviewing outdated laws

    In a discussion elsewhere, someone quoted a ten year old article in support of their contention that nuclear power plants are safe. Their debate opponent declared that this was an outdated idea, to which the response was "The laws of physics haven't changed since 2011". Which prompts the...
  5. bilby

    Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing or sharing news

    https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-australia-56099523 Also many Australian government FB pages have had their content blocked. At least one cartoonist seems to have found a loophole - FB hasn't blocked Twitter, so just tweet your news, then post the link to the tweet on FB, and voila...
  6. bilby

    Is there life on Venus?

    It's a god awful small affair Sorry, wrong planet. Phosphines have been detected in the Venusian upper atmosphere, and based on our (admittedly limited) understanding of the chemistry of that planet, they really shouldn't be there. Unless there's some kind of life form (perhaps a unicellular...
  7. bilby

    Spin gravity and atmospheric retention

    So, I am reading my usual shit sci-fi, and one of the protagonists is on a rotating space station. You know, the 2001 type that generates gravity in a wheel-shaped facility by spinning. Terrorists are threatening the facility. They plan to destroy the integrity of the hub, and kill everyone -...
  8. bilby

    Trump second language - Split from “multiple languages” in Lounge

    Are we confident that he has a first?
  9. bilby

    Thomas Cook goes into involuntary receivership

    Thomas Cook, the world's largest and oldest travel agency imploded at midnight London time today, going into involuntary receivership after a bailout from a major Chinese shareholder fell through. This leaves around 150,000 mostly British tourists unable to get home, as all flights and tickets...
  10. bilby

    Life without advertising

    A gofundme campaign has successfully raised sufficient funds to replace every advertisement at Clapham Common Underground station in southwest London with pictures of cats. https://metro.co.uk/2016/09/12/every-advert-in-a-london-underground-station-has-been-replaced-with-cat-photos-6123655/ I...
  11. bilby

    For those watching in black and white...

    ... here's an optical illusion
  12. bilby

    Vale, Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer, actor, writer, and environmentalist, died July 19th at the age of 75. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNbJ45yyVcY&feature=share He will be sadly missed.
  13. bilby

    The Great Pyramid at Giza was used to make Plutonium

    http://nuclearpyramid.com/great_pyramid.php Obviously they would have taken the grain out first. The reasoning and logic are unassailable; My first thought was to ask 'If so, where is the Plutonium (or its fission products) now?', but they thought of that: See? Logical, obvious, and...
  14. bilby

    Australian Federal Election 2019

    On May 18th, Australia goes to the polls to elect a new federal government. The entire 151 seat House of Representatives, and 40 of the 72 Senate seats are up for grabs. Currently no party has a majority in the Reps, with the government of Scott Morrison's Liberal/National coalition in power...
  15. bilby

    Cardinal George Pell, convicted paedophile

    The media suppression order on the trial of George Pell was lifted today, allowing the Australian media to finally report his conviction on December 11 last year on five counts of child sexual abuse - one count of sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16, and four counts of committing...
  16. bilby

    An alternative method for cooking chicken

    If it's crazy but it works, it's not crazy... 23,034 slaps at one per second would take about 6 and a half hours; Of course, as the chicken gets hotter, the losses to the environment could become significant, so it may require quite a lot longer (depending on how well insulated it is)...
  17. bilby

    Australians are the richest people in the world.

    Australians are the richest people in the world - and the USA doesn't even make the Top Ten: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!
  18. bilby

    World famous Dead Sea Scrolls at Museum of the Bible 'are fake'.

    Breaking News Oops.
  19. bilby

    My home state joins the 21st century

    Abortion will no longer be a crime in Queensland after historic vote.
  20. bilby

    The Really Big One - 75 years overdue, and counting...

    The US Pacific Northwest is a very stable region geologically - there hasn't been a major earthquake on the Cascadia fault since 1700. But that's not a good thing. A magnitude 8.7 - 9.2 quake in the area is now 72 years overdue; The mean recurrence in the last 10,000 years is every 246 years...
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