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  1. J

    NXIVM--a non-theistic cult?

    I don't think there's a thread on NXIVM on Talk Freethought. So here it is. What do you think of it? What does it have to say about the last quarter century? Do you see it as a cult or more as a slightly woo-ish self improvement pyramid scheme with a side line in sexual exploitation and...
  2. J

    la(te)st X-Men movie

    I thought it was bad. one of the 2 really well-acted characters is killed off relatively soon. Acting well is hard with dialogue as bad as this--and Jessica Chastain does horribly. She is now front-runner for the 2019 Golden Raspberry for worst supporting actress. I can't recall such a bad...
  3. J

    Melania Trump's kidney surgery

    I wonder if Melania Trump has the rare biological condition of kidney in neck or face. Obviously, being married to someone so insistent on looks, she would not be allowed to appear post op in public with visible bandages or visible signs of ongoing healing.
  4. J

    (spoiler alert) ending of new AVENGERS spoils movie

    the protracted fake tragic ending setting up for a sequel ruined it for me.
  5. J

    stranger things 2 bad

    Are my husband and I the only ones think the second season of Stranger Things is too bad to watch? He in particular loved Season 1, and I found it good enough to watch to the end. But he got through the 3rd episode of Season 2 and gave up, and I have tried twice to finish episode 2, but just...
  6. J


    Saw it Friday. Was so-so. First two much better; all others, except Prometheus, worse. Prometheus more interesting, but messier. :thinking:Most characters are boring--interesting ones get killed off relatively early. Twist ending visible long before it happens, blatant set up for sequel...
  7. J

    FEAR THE WALKING DEAD succumbs to killthegay-itis

    The most recent episode of this show killed off one half of a gay male couple just as they were reunited in the midst of the zombie apocalypse:sadyes:. This show also features the killed lesbian ruler from THE 100, now incarnated as a gullible heterosexual girl.
  8. J

    Game of Thrones' sand snakes

    The sand snakes were new characters heavily hyped before the beginning of this season of Games of Thrones. To me, they have been the most boring plot thread this season, and 2 of them totally unmemorable. (The one with bobbed hair is the somewhat memorable one.) All in all, they've seemed to...
  9. J

    Lizzie Lauten: from classless (white) teen to would-be critic of "classless" (black) teens

    MailOnline reports: I hope during those events in her teen years she wasn't looking bored and was wearing inappropriate attire. However, it is hard to see how breaking your country's laws for no political reason (unlike the tea-party "patriots" of the American Revolution) shows due respect for...
  10. J

    The Walking Dead, season 5

    I missed this: Why did gunfire begin in Terminus in the season opener?
  11. J

    GONE GIRL is Not Great

    Just got back from watching Gone Girl, which I mostly enjoyed, the way one enjoys a well acted, well shot, highly improbable and lurid melodrama. I can't believe it is being touted as Oscar bait:rolleyes:. The story requires characters to be smart sometimes and stupid other times, more to move...
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