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    Biden gets Mexico to Pay for Wall

    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/mexico-agrees-provide-15-billion-help-us-manage-migrants-southern-bord-rcna37889 Well maybe not the wall. But he did get them to fund improved security for the US southern border. ROFLMAO!!! :ROFLMAO:
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    Your top 10 reasons for rejecting Christianity

    So now that we can pray at school - sort of - I thought I’d make a hand out for high schoolers with the top 10 reasons for rejecting Christianity. I thought I’d start out like this: You don’t have to believe Christianity. Just because your community is a majority of Christians doesn’t make it...
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    Is the Devil Intelligent?

    I pose this rather simple question because it perplexes me. Throughout Christian literature and thought, the devil is described as very intelligent, or so it seems. He isn’t omniscient necessarily, although maybe he is. He’s definitely smarter than the human characters he meets - except in an...
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    Southern Baptists and Sexual Abuse

    http://iht.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx This is a newspaper article about the report on sexual abuse and the Southern Baptists. It’s interesting not so much because it’s another hypocritical church group, but because both the Catholics and Southern Baptists preach the same message...
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    Christianity Really Sucks

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/visible-music-college-rape-complaint-rcna26418 I mean, it's a fucking evil religion. Fucking evil. At least when it comes to fundamentalists.
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    The Environmental Impact of War

    Something I have not heard discussed on the news is the amount of extra carbon being released into the atmosphere due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Obviously for Ukraine, it’s immediate survival is at issue, and they don’t give a shit about the environmental impact. Russia doesn’t either...
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    Funeral for My Religion

    https://johnpavlovitz.com/2022/04/10/a-funeral-for-my-christianity-2/?fbclid=IwAR0RZoM7KNEIRED4PMbV1qFvAyULHQhEXzZyu_Ns7qRda1rgVYcMpvk24fs An interesting article from a pastor. No he’s not deconverted. He’s just lamenting the political direction that Christianity has taken, and it’s alignment...
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    Hungary and the Problem of Religion in Politics

    So I listened to NPR’s report on Hungary’s election Sunday. Orban is a Tucker Carlson and Trump loving semi dictator. He controls the media there and has ruled for 15 years. He’s an obv threat to democracy. But he does have to be re elected on Sunday. What bothered me was the issue of the...
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    Will WWIII Break Out?

    Or put another way, can the war in Ukraine be contained? I see a couple of ways it might happen. 1) Poland supplies MiG-29’s to Ukraine, and Russia decides that is an act of war, and attacks Poland. 2) Ukrainian success due to Western logistic supplies forces Putin to hit those supply lines in...
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    Human Dinosaur Footprints.

    OK, so I was out hiking today on a nature trail at a local park and found thi plaque and took a picture. And I’m like, what the fuck? This isn’t the Paluxy River man tracks bs. But what is it? If real, I would have thought creationists would be all over this one a long time ago. If it’s...
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    Good prayer for smiting your enemies

    I need a good “prayer” about smiting your enemies, like a psalm, proverb or some good imprecation from the Bible that helps me smite my enemies. ive tried google but they are all from Xtian websites ignoring the violence in the Bible.
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    Nuclear War: How Bad Would It Be?

    Pootey has put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert asa result of criticism by the west of his invasion. For those of you who were not adults in the 80’s, you missed a big debate back then about such things scientifically. The general consensus was that a full fledged nuclear war would cause...
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    Tennessee School Board Bans Holocaust Graphic Novel

    It’s kind of a Holocaust classic, Maus, where the Jews are depicted as mice. Why? Because the mice were naked. I guess naked mice might titillate children. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-60153696 the author called it Orwellian. Yup.
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    Religion and Politics

    https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/american-christianity-is-alas-political/ US Christianity is a clear political marker. A white liberal is ten times more likely to be an atheist or none, than a white conservative. Ten years ago white liberals were 48% Christian, now they are...
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    Other resurrections in the Bible

    OK, Jesus’s death and resurrection are the central feature of Christianity. But what’s the big deal? There are at least four other resurrections in the Bible and none of them are worshipped as gods. Elijah raised a young boy in 1 Kings, and he himself doesn’t die, but rides away on a chariot...
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    Why does Jesus grieve for Lazarus’s death?

    So the story of Lazarus is only told in John. It’s a sign of his miracles. But Jesus tarries for two days after he hears that he’s sick. Then he says he’s going to wake him as a sign. So he knows that Lazarus has died. So he goes to Lazarus and being informed that Lazarus has been buried...
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    How the new Texas Anti-Abortion Law Can Bring Back Jim Crow

    While the Supreme Court has allowed the Justice Department’s suit against Texas over their unique anti abortion law to continue, the Justices overall seemed highly doubtful of the ability of them to prevail in the end. The conservative justices, apart from Roberts, questioned whether ultimately...
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    What would it take to sustain a 1g acceleration over a 75 year period?

    That is if you had a space station somewhere outside of say Jupiter’s orbit, and you built a huge rocket ship and simply set it on a course away from the sun, towards a far away star, with a simple acceleration of 1g, what speeds would you achieve and how long could you sustain such an...
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    Michael Behe back at it

    So after getting his ass kicked a few years ago in Pennsylvania US District Court, I thought Behe would disappear from the Creationist circle. Now he’s back with a website, Evolution News. https://evolutionnews.org/about/privilegedspecies/ like he’s really for evolution! Bullshit, what he’s...
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    Riemann Surfaces

    So, I was reading the Wikipedia article about Riemann Surfaces, and I’m very confused. How are they generated? They are projections of the Complex Plane into a third dimension, but exactly how is confusing to me. so for example here is the Complex Plane for f(z)=✔️Z And so I compared it to...
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