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  1. marc

    Name some forgotten films you have enjoyed

    I've seen a LOT of movies. My family actually had a movie service even before HBO came out. There are so many second and third rate (or lower) films that were enjoyable, but have been mostly forgotten. Well, how about we share some of the ones we do remember, so everyone can either say "oh...
  2. marc

    Christmas in the White House no longer a horror show

    Now this is a lot better.
  3. marc

    Miniature painting

    for both D&D and Warhammer, painting models that are 1 or 2 inches high for the most part
  4. marc

    NC ‘accountability’ for teachers

    Report out for the new McCarthyism F.A.C.T.S Task Force. The task force (Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students) the report is basically summing up grievances reported by people in the state, for such atrocities as having students watch CNN, and complaining the...
  5. marc

    RW projection goes even deeper than I thought

    We have all seen countless times when right wingers accuse whoever of deceitful, corrupt, or criminal acts that they themselves are actually doing. Well, one person found that there is a 'talent agency' that is rather questionable. But searching through its 'talent' we find people like Lauren...
  6. marc

    History of housing discrimination

    Last Week Tonight had a pretty interesting show talking about the history of housing discrimination, and its effects on promoting racial wealth gap. https://youtu.be/_-0J49_9lwc
  7. marc

    Jewish Space Laser kickstarter

    Ok, it will just be some merch and a web series, but I'm interested in the Jewish Space Laser kickstarter
  8. marc

    GOP 'protecting' our schools

    Two stories I've seen recently on bills republicans are trying to pass. In Florida, a bill to protect 'ideological freedom', would require surveys of the political viewpoints of faculty and students. Yea, like that is not intended to lead to pressuring schools to teach the 'correct'...
  9. marc

    Now this is a classy ransom note (for a sculpture)

    A stone memorial: the Jefferson Davis Chair, has been stolen. The culprits promise to return it unharmed if the United Daughters of the Confederacy put up an enclosed banner for 24 hours starting on Friday. The banner reads “The rulers of this country have always considered their property more...
  10. marc

    MyHeritage animating your family photos

    One of those ancestry sites MyHeritage has added an amazing new option to their photo section. Using a type of DeepFake tech, they can take your photos and make an animated close-up of a person in them. (They call it DeepNostalgia) The results are pretty amazing! And it works on artwork as...
  11. marc

    Yet another shooting thread

    Darn these ‘gun free zones’! Don’t they know the only way to stop a shooter is with a good guy with a gun? What safety can we expect if they don’t let us carry guns in a...*checks article*.. gun store! The clerk obviously infringed on the guy’s 2nd amendment rights by asking him to not walk...
  12. marc

    Marvel / Star Wars news

    Disney had their big investors meeting where they revealed a lot of plans for Marvel and Star Wars. Among the reveals: The She-Hulk series will star Tatiana Maslany, and Mark Ruffalo will be appearing in it Hawkeye series with Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop Captain Marvel 2 will include...
  13. marc

    Conservatives behind closed doors

    The Washington Post got hours of videos of closed door conservatives planning sessions. (Use privacy setting to get past subscription wall) Big take away seems to be they actually even more deluded and out of touch with reality than in public. They believe the Democrats want to drag out...
  14. marc

    The idea of 'Freedom' to some an echo of earlier times?

    I've been reading the manga Vinland Saga, a story set about 1,000 years ago in the time of Vikings. At the end of one of the books the author makes this observation: Reading that I see echoes of the attitude in people today. Right-wingers who hate any kind of control or restrictions, like...
  15. marc

    Ginsburg has passed!!

    Notorious RBG has passed away Shit! We are in trouble now..
  16. marc

    Using ‘conservative logic’ to defend evil

    A comedian challenged people to name any criminal or villain, real or fictional, that he wouldn’t be able to defend with the kind of arguments used by conservatives (and sometimes by people here). Yea, these arguments do sound familiar For example...
  17. marc

    Birtherism 2.0

    Newsweek published an op-ed by one of Trump's legal advisors questioning Kamala Harris' eligibility, splitting hairs on the difference between 'citizen' and 'natural born citizen'. Oh, and the author, John Eastman, ran for attorney general of California against Harris, but he lost the primary...
  18. marc

    Wall vs hurricane

    Oops... https://youtu.be/RKFJvksc8ZI
  19. marc

    In non-virus POTUS pettiness

    Tribe That Drew Trump’s Fire Over Casino Plan Loses Its Reservation Status The full range of bullshit he has done that will need to be fixed will fill a library
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