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  1. Eldarion Lathria

    You are a god and you created a species.

    Now they seem more powerful than you are. What do you do? Eldarion Lathria
  2. Eldarion Lathria

    Who's Your Favorite TV or Movie Smartass?

    Mine are Bugs Bunny, (movies) and Peg Bundy (TV) Eldarion Lathria
  3. Eldarion Lathria

    World to End Today

    According to the eBible Fellowship in Sharon Hill, Pa. The world ends in fire today. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/10/06/end-of-world-wednesday-group-claims/73474162/ Terra's Space Defence Force is on alert. Eldarion Lathria
  4. Eldarion Lathria

    A Rumor I Heard Decades Ago and Regime Change

    This is a rumor I heard decades ago and I must insist, it is totally unverified and a rumor only. Back in the early seventies it is rumored that John Vorster, then Prime Minister of South Africa made a remark about 'the road east' and the possibility of South Africa seeking allies in the 'red...
  5. Eldarion Lathria

    My Monitor's Speaker Buzzes when I turn it On

    It has been doing that for two weeks. It is an Optiquest LCD. What's wrong? Eldarion Lathria
  6. Eldarion Lathria

    Looking For Predictions. How Long Before the term 'Person of Color' is considered Offensive

    PC terms come and go, sometimes with great speed. Wondering how long before the term 'person of color' is considered derogatory. Eldarion Lathria
  7. Eldarion Lathria

    Is There a Difference in Speed between USB ports

    on the back and front of the computer? I think no, but DJ says yes? Which is it? Eldarion Lathria
  8. Eldarion Lathria

    Foods I cannot eat.

    I've said I can't eat peanut butter, because it is toxic waste. I can't eat sweet lemon snow cones either' because of the following. http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5FYfoLjlgc because of the following. Watch out where the huskies go. Don't you eat that yellow snow. Eldarion Lathria
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