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    Interesting article on living "paycheck to paycheck"

    I read this article today, and found it very interesting. This is a gift link so anyone can read this article, even without a subscription: What Does It Really Mean I agree with Peter Coy, the author of this opinion piece. We have expanded the meaning of living "paycheck to paycheck" to levels...
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    Are there any Oklahoma residents on here, or people with family/friends in Oklahoma?

    This specifically applies to people living in Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district – but also indirectly to all of us in the US. Wade Burleson is a retired pastor and is running for that congressional seat. Today on his personal Facebook page, he posted this comment on a post titled “SAVE OUR...
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    Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 astronaut – and now YEC

    “God said he did it in six days.” I find this very sad. This is not someone who had no education or bad education; this is a man who was very intelligent and well educated. He had the luck to be one of the few people who actually walked on another world. And he wound up becoming a biblical...
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    The Hollywood Madam is moving to Missouri

    Heidi Fleiss and her birds She apparently didn’t do a lot of research on this location. In our state, her “exotic birds” will be considered good target practice by most of the rural populace :parrot: Ruth
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    This is very interesting. A way to test one of Stephen Hawking's theories

    Dark matter and primordial black holes The James Webb Space Telescope may provide a way to actually test this model. This could be very interesting. I hope they are successful in getting the data necessary to test the theory. Ruth
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    I debated on where to post this about Michael Flynn

    Finally decided it belonged here more than anywhere else; mods, if you want to move it that won't bother me. This guy has gone absolutely, completely bonkers. To think that he actually was a 3 star general and served as national security adviser is a very frightening thought. Ruth
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    Ah jeez. Catalytic converter with a side of meth?

    Stone County Missouri Sheriff Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=4416442601728494&id=593899137316212 Apparently this guy indulged in too much of his product over the years, and has fried most of his brain cells. Way to keep Missouri in the news as the meth capital...
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    Oh man. Lost another great actress

    Mira Furlan is dead. I have always been a big B5 fan, and she was stellar as Delenn in that show. Her costars and all who knew her or worked with her are apparently devastated by this. She died of complications from West Nile virus. Not a good start to this year. Seems like we will be losing...
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    Your opinion on Christian member participation

    Okay, let’s hear from you. Do you think Christians should be allowed to post anything related to their faith on this forum in the appropriate areas? Or should they only be allowed to post secular messages? Maybe you think they shouldn’t be allowed here at all. I have given you several options...
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    Okay, I have to share this

    I didn't even know this was a thing - but I spent several minutes laughing out loud. https://www.comedywildlifephoto.com/gallery/finalists/2020_finalists.php :hysterical: Ruth
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    VP Elect Kamala Harris is an impressive speaker

    I was watching the introduction speech she made for President-Elect Biden, and was seriously impressed. She is a stellar public speaker; I did not hear any mistakes or hesitation at all in her speech. She is going to be an impressive representative of our government here and in the world. She...
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    For the first time in years, I have to report for jury duty

    Got the questionnaire in December and filled it out as usual, requesting to be excused due to the fact that I am the only employee in our office and it would leave my clients with no accounting software support if I was not available. Unfortunately, our new (first term) judge has decided that...
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    Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O'Neill found dead

    http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/music/trans-siberian-orchestra-founder-paul-oneill-61-found-dead-in-tampa-hotel/2319441 This is a huge loss in the world of music. He may not have been as well known as others, but he created something spectacular that probably just about everyone in America...
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    Why I am a member here even though I am a Christian

    (Mods - this thread is not intended to proselytize. I am writing this only to clarify questions I have seen in other threads and a complete explanation involves some statement of my beliefs. I do hope this does not violate forum rules and will not be offended if you question me about some of the...
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