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  1. Treedbear

    Happy Juneteenth one and all!

    Happy Juneteenth one and all! Let's celebrate the fulfilment of our Independence as a nation. (It's just 156 years late.)
  2. Treedbear

    Plants of interest.

    Just a place to post pics of plants you encounter either when out hiking or around the yard. Spring is here in CT and trees are leafing out. I planted a small red maple called Acer rubrum 'Shocking Gold' that I can't wait to see how the color progresses over the year. Should be pretty amazing...
  3. Treedbear

    Biden's address to Congress

    Very comprehensive speech. He covered a lot of policy ground in 65 minutes. Everything was positive instead of the pettiness and backstabbing we've been used to for the past 4 years. Anyone betting on him displaying some level of cognitive disability went away sadly disappointed. Time to start...
  4. Treedbear

    Anyone into natto?

    Anyone ever try natto? It's a gooey, funky smelling fermented soy bean concoction that the Japanese have been making for centuries. I think there's a small factory in Brooklyn, NY that makes it and I might be able to pick up a jar locally. Not cheap, but if I like it there might be a way to make...
  5. Treedbear

    Need advice on cheap phone just used for voice and texting.

    I hardly use my cell phone but need to have one. Several years ago I had my land line number transferred to an AT&T GoPhone which cost about $40 and required that I make an annual deposit of $100 into my account that gets charged about 20 cents a minute for all voice and something less for...
  6. Treedbear

    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars! Feb. 18, 2021, 11:15 a.m. PST /2:15 p.m. EST
  7. Treedbear

    It's over! At long last! (The inauguration.)

    Biden just finished swearing in and I have the greatest sense of relief. The ceremonies have been great. Roy Blunt's comments were spot on. I even loved the prayer. And Lady Gaga's rendition of the national anthem was superbly done. I had to switch channels from MSNBC to C-Span because all the...
  8. Treedbear

    Induction cooktop?

    I'm thinking of redoing my kitchen counters/cabinets and if I do it will be a good excuse to get a new cooktop. I have the same Thermador 4 burner electric coil-type that's been there since the house was built in 1956. I could replace burners but that seems like throwing good money after bad...
  9. Treedbear

    Geminid Meteor Shower tonight. Peak around 2 am everywhere.

    Geminid Meteor Shower tonight. Peak (directly overhead) around 2 am wherever you happen to be. With no moon it might be a good one.
  10. Treedbear

    SpaceX Dragon launch today (11/15/20) at 7:27 pm EST

    Watching the NASA coverage on C-SPAN. (Actually that link seems to be delayed about 60 seconds from what's on TV.) At the moment the crew members are suiting up. Very impressed with how much team work is involved . Also with the credentials of the astronauts. No amateurs on this one. Surprised...
  11. Treedbear

    Cindy McCain endorses Biden

    Cindy McCain endorses Biden: 'We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost' McCain: ‘There's only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is Joe Biden’ I love it when I can cite something like this on Fox News.
  12. Treedbear

    Favorite mushrooms poll.

    I'm thinking of trying to grow some type(s) of edible mushrooms in my basement. There's an interesting technique for growing them in plastic bags filled with coffee grounds mixed with chopped hay that sounds pretty quick and easy. I'm only used to the few fresh ones I find in local stores such...
  13. Treedbear

    Congratulations to Virginia Governor e Ralp Northam

    Congratulations to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee because "I believe that when we learn more, when we take that honest look at our past, we must do more than just talk about the future. We must take action. So I am directing the Dept. of General...
  14. Treedbear

    FoundationaL Beliefs

    Survival is the basic premise of all arguments. This idea is based on the premise that the basic metaphysical truth of all things is that they exist because they survive, and that, therefore, the purpose of all things is to survive. The meaning of life, and indeed the meaning of anything, is the...
  15. Treedbear

    Electrical hazards to tree workers around bucket trucks.

    I just read in the news about a tree worker who got electrocuted when the bucket truck that was being used to trim trees touched a power line. The worker was standing on the ground and touched the truck and got electrocuted. I've heard about this happening before and thought they had ways to...
  16. Treedbear

    Comey has harsh words for Barr and Rosenstein: Trump has 'eaten your soul'

    Comey has harsh words for Barr and Rosenstein: Trump has 'eaten your soul' aka: gaslighting
  17. Treedbear

    Clinton: ‘China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?’

    Clinton: ‘China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?’ This is why I never miss TRMS.
  18. Treedbear

    Gaslighting, and why you need to know what it is.

    I saw an interview on CSPAN over the weekend with Amanda Carpenter, the author of the new book "Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us". She's a conservative Never-Trump Republican who's didn't vote in the 2016 election. I haven't gotten the book yet but she seems to have...
  19. Treedbear

    Pink Floyd tribute band video, Brit Floyd's 1st gig at Echo Arena in London.

    Pink Floyd tribute band video, Brit Floyd's 1st gig at Echo Arena in London in 2011. I am simply blown away by this performance. First saw parts of it which was used as a PBS fundraiser several years ago. I've been looking for a copy of the DVD and kicking myself for not making a contribution at...
  20. Treedbear

    Trump Picks Jon Huntsman To Be U.S. Ambassador To Russia

    Trump Picks Jon Huntsman To Be U.S. Ambassador To Russia: Sounds like just what Puppetmaster Bannon ordered. Huntsman is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. But as for Ruski: The Energy 202: Jon Huntsman's Russia connections run through Chevron:
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