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    The Bigfoot Myth Theory

    The True Origin of Sasquatch It would seem that the peoples of northwestern North America have for millennia venerated a mythical creature that was a shapeshifter and shepherd of the forest. Richard Carrier would correctly argue that the legend of Sasquatch has been euhemerized as the primate...
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    Are we supposed to believe we are ghosts?

    That seems to be the central tenet of religions like christianity. We're told we have an immortal soul, that we're essentially some kind of ghost, that the body is just cover for that immortal ghost. The RCC takes the stupidity a bit further and tells us that our bodies are going to magically...
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    You are not baptized - aka superstition run amok

    All baptisms performed by Phoenix priest invalid because he changed one word My Goodness. If a person ever needed proof that religious behavior borders on insanity he only need read the article. The magic spell didn't work because the incantation used a wrong word. Seriously, when I first...
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    A Different Perspective on Religious Behavior

    There's no doubting that some people actually believe there are invisible creatures all around them. Spirits, souls, ghosts, gods, angels, demons, all manner of magical, non-natural forces and entities. I remember being taught that we each have a guardian angel that watches over us and...
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    Why is there Something instead of Nothing?

    It's been a while since we took up this subject. I happened upon the question again in a video linked by Thomas II. In fact, the question is nonsensical and should be dismissed when encountered. The better question is 'Why is there something instead of something else?' And should be further...
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    Ripe pear fruit did not freeze while still on tree at 18F

    It went down to 18 degrees F last night. We've had half a dozen nights where the temps dropped into the mid twenties and more where it hit freezing. Also have had a ton of frost nights. So I noticed a ripe pear, Kiefer, still on the tree that I had overlooked. Has a small wormy spot but...
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    I can't tell you if I'm vaccinated. That would violate HIPAA rules.' What an Idiot!

    Marjorie Taylor Greene really is that dumb. I think we have a new Sarah Palin, this time she's blonde.
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    Today I saved the life of a helpless robin.

    We were working in the yard. There is an active robin nest in the pear tree beside a small pond. The nest is only six feet off the ground and the smallest hatchling, the runt, we found on the ground under the nest. It must have been pushed form the nest by its larger siblings. So I put it...
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    If Gods are Real, Where are They?

    The ancients didn't even know what the sun was, or the Moon. Their "planets" were just stars that wandered, they didn't know that these were bodies similar to Earth. So it's understandable that they thought about gods the same way, as things they didn't fully understand. Their gods lived in...
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    Over population derail from "Humans as non-animals"

    That depends on whether you think 8 billion humans is actually environmentally "balanced" for the planet. I have a friend who maintains that climate and nature is "self-correcting" for humans, that nothing we do can threaten us. I too am a trillionaire in my dreams.
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    Is Communism a Religion?

    DrZoidberg got me curious with his post from another thread: Is this why Communism is perceived as being anti-christian and anti-religion generally, because it is a competing religion? There isn't any love lost between competing religions and religious sects, generally speaking, so communism...
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    Right Wing Diehards, Should I Be Worried?

    Politics is politics, we all know that. I used to think Barry Goldwater was crazy but by today's standards he was quite sane. That doesn't mean I agree with him politically, just that I found him at the time a little too much of an idealogue, same for Reagan. But neither of those gents were...
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    How should I respond to persons who embrace trump's voting conspiracy?

    This is a serious question. Sure, a flippant remark can get the message across, but what about family members and friends that you will continue to share a relationship with? Or even a new acquaintance who espouses same? What is the best response? I really want to ask them if they've spoken...
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    Zeptoseconds, anyone?

    Zeptoseconds: New world record in short time measurement Fascinating. One day we may actually understand the nature of space, time, motion, etc.
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    How do theists "know" what is real?

    I figured to repost this brief exchange from another thread: The question I have is in any matter at all, be it religious or not, how does a person who believes in ghosts and spirits and souls and gods, a non physical reality, make decisions about what is real and what is not real. Maybe the...
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    Can someone explain this curious observation that reminds me of our accelerating, expanding universe?

    Make some instant coffee with boiling water. Give it a stir and then set it on the counter while you watch the top surface. Initially the top surface is rotating and covered with a bubbly foam. The foam begins to thin out and there will be a bit of foam in the center. If you look around the...
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    Trumpo wants to build Propaganda Park

    Donald Trump orders creation of 'national heroes' garden I'm wondering if he'll donate a fifty foot gold statue of himself with Jesus on his knee, and his foot trampling the serpent beside an apple tree while he holds up a bible. I'm really hoping he builds his "garden" in Canada.
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    Oklahoma says We Want Medicaid

    Oklahoma Voters Approve State Medicaid Expansion Oklahoma is the 37th state to expand medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. It's certainly helped a lot of red state republicans who talk out of two sides of their mouth to stay in office. If republicans stay in office but a liberal...
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    Is Religious Faith just another Religious Myth

    Having religious faith requires some combination of ignorance and self-deceit. Either I don't have the information that I require to make an informed decision and so I just go with the teaching, or I do in fact possess a significant degree knowledge to bring to bear but am afraid to face the...
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    Is Dan Patrick the Biggest Asshole in Texas?

    Dan Patrick says he is willing to risk his own life to allow economy to resume I was thinking at first maybe this was an article in The Onion. What does this douchebag mean when he says he's willing to take a chance? If he wants to refuse all medical intervention than he should just shoot...
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