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  1. Shadowy Man

    Batgirl canned

    Wow! Just think of how bad a movie has to be that throwing $90M down the toilet is considered the best possible outcome. Highlander 2 costed $34M and they still released it, even earned a little bit back on that investment before audiences realized how they just got scammed.
  2. Shadowy Man

    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    It's like watching flat earthers congratulate each other on how good they are at physics.
  3. Shadowy Man

    Name some forgotten films you have enjoyed

    Back in 1999 I was on an extended work trip and on the weekend I just walked to a mall across the street from my hotel and saw whatever movie happened to be playing that looked mildly interesting to me to pass the time. I saw the movie The Thirteenth Floor. It was a sci-fi movie about people...
  4. Shadowy Man

    Sick and tired of mealy-mouthed fucktard "journalists"

    I think you are being generous in assuming that elected people and people running for elected positions are significantly smarter than those who do believe that the election was stolen.
  5. Shadowy Man

    Roe v Wade is on deck

    They then arrested her for child trafficking. And a non-citizen at that!
  6. Shadowy Man

    Happy Holidays - 30 dead or wounded at parade

    We know it's an Antifa flag because that's what all the Antifa people at the Capitol on Jan 6th were waving.
  7. Shadowy Man

    Roe v Wade is on deck

    You mean "no longer" a right. Because 50 years ago a court said that there was, and since then courts reaffirmed that.
  8. Shadowy Man


    Since the pro-lifers will desire to end IVF if their ideologies are consistent (think of all the 'babies' murdered in that process!), there should be more customers for adoptions, right?
  9. Shadowy Man

    Another Fucking Mass Shooting At US School

    If Republicans are serious about the "mental health" issue then I expect to see them drafting legislation requiring some kind of mental health checks when applying to purchase a gun. A background check of one's social media accounts would help too. But, since I know they are raging...
  10. Shadowy Man

    Another Fucking Mass Shooting At US School

    To be fair, not every cop can be as brave as a kindergarten teacher.
  11. Shadowy Man

    Do you think any aliens exist in the universe?

    That may be different than the *popular* concept of the Big Bang theory, but in a spatially infinite universe the singularity is in density. Obviously, the physics break down and we won't solve the problem until we can merge GR and QM.
  12. Shadowy Man

    Another Fucking Mass Shooting At US School

    Just think how low these families would be were they not uplifted by Ted Cruz!!
  13. Shadowy Man

    When you break it down: is atheism unappealing?

    Sorry if I misread your post with respect to the target of your response. I agree that atheism doesn't necessarily mean nihilism, though many atheists may come to that conclusion for themselves. I do not. But I also do not believe that whatever meaning we may find in life isn't an intrinsic...
  14. Shadowy Man

    When you break it down: is atheism unappealing?

    I may be missing *your* point, but that doesn't bother me. If there actually exists *intrinsic meaning* as you suggest then an atheist might wonder from where this intrinsic meaning arises and what is meant by "meaning" if it is used in a non-subjective manner.
  15. Shadowy Man

    Another Fucking Mass Shooting At US School

    We should rejoice that these children don't have any longer to wait to meet Jesus!
  16. Shadowy Man

    When you break it down: is atheism unappealing?

    Perhaps it goes back to the very opening post here. Maybe people (some, many, or most?) are theists because it is appealing to believe in a god. I'm not an atheist because I find it appealing. It is just what makes sense to me based on everything I have learned and experienced in this world.
  17. Shadowy Man

    Vanden Bossche warning - Please tell your government

    The ice wall keeps people from falling off the edge, and the government already spends tax money guarding access to the ice wall, according to flat-earthers.
  18. Shadowy Man

    Ministry Of Truth being implemented

    Unless it is protestors between the government and its photo-op. Would shooting in the leg count as "regulation"?
  19. Shadowy Man

    Strunk and White's Bad Advice on Grammar

    Yes. The problem is with "more" not "fewer". So, the solution is to *add* a word that means "more countable, indivisible objects" to go along with fewer rather than just use "less" for everything. My guess is that this won't likely catch on, though.
  20. Shadowy Man

    Day without stupid: redux

    “You’re trying to take what I have rightfully stolen.”
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