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    Please pay us back.

    Thread moved because it is not related to Secular Lifestyle
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    A real vacation!

    Wonderful photos. Looks like a great time.
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    Retirement - from a social perspective

    Certainly, I have not done my homework on the financial aspects of when to retire, but honestly the social/personal aspects are probably more confusing to me. Related to both aspects, I worry that I shouldn't retire because I'm by far the main income earner in the family. I feel like I'm...
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    Republicans embarrass themselves with bias arguments at Google hearings

    I just saw some excerpts from that hearing. They even asked him why their Wikipedia edits were being changed the next day, showing a total lack of understanding of the internet.:facepalm2:
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    Folding team - The Godless Ones

    You have an excellent point. I have a cat and a rabbit. I'll give that a try.
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    Folding team - The Godless Ones

    My laptop keeps shutting itself down due to overheating. I seem to recall having this issue the last time. Any ideas to help? I have it set to Power - light. Fans are working. This is a less than 1 year old device.
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    Folding team - The Godless Ones

    I'm trying folding again. I seem to recall w..a..y back in the day that you could watch the folding process. It was kind of mesmerizing. I don't see that now.
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    Stan Lee Has Passed Away

    My daughter was a big fan of Stan. She was crying at work today when she found out. We went to a comic con about 5 years ago so she could meet him and get a photo and autograph. I'm glad we did.
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    Ohio: black people have to work to receive food stamps, white people don't

    I'm in one of the counties without work requirements. There are plenty of help wanted signs around. I'd venture that one of many reasons is that the young people ARE moving to the cities for better jobs. We've lost 2 employees in the last month who moved to Columbus.
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    WV Politician Says Liberals Should Get “Coathangers Ready” for Abortions

    Well, isn't that embarrassing. I don't know the guy (thankfully), but that's the city I work in. Thank goodness I don't live there. :disturbed:
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    Planned Parenthood Attacked: Three Dead

    Split on gun control moved to this thread Derail on sex split to here in Elsewhere.
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    Folding team - The Godless Ones

    I stickied this thread so folks can find out about the team easily here.
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    Discworld is no more.

    I get the impression you do not believe that "The Tortoise Moves". *looks at Loren with great suspicion*
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    Discworld is no more.

    I checked to see where we're commiserating. I was at work and opened my Facebook on lunch break to find this new. I gasped, even though it is certainly not unexpected. I'll miss the guy who treated his fans like they really counted and could so easily have a room of hundreds feeling like they...
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    Malware that even an anti virus provider cant deal with

    Several requests for thread merge -- done. :)
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    The predominant factor in black deaths by police is more crimes commited - not racism

    Moderator Note: The discussion from this thread about Affirmative Action was split by request. New thread here.
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    (split) Affirmative Action discussion

    Moderator Note: This thread split from here by request. Please let me know via PM if I'm missed a post to move here or moved one here in error that needs to go back.
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    Fundy pastor visits Scandinavia; head explodes

    Above post was from a new thread started in Secular Lifestyle. Merged with existing thread on same article.
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