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    So what's next for Trump?

    Reuters recently ran an article listing seven court cases currently facing Mr. von Clownstick. Did they miss any? PlaintiffTypeCharges New York Attorney General Civil Valuation Fraud New York A.G. referred to IRS and Feds Criminal Related to Valuation Fraud? New York State Criminal Tax...
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    January 6 Hearings Live

    Nitpick: While part of the Earth is North of the Tropic of Cancer, and part is South of the Tropic of Capricorn; many of us live BETWEEN the Tropic lines. Where I live, April is invariably the hottest month. Thailand is generally described as having THREE seasons instead of four: Hot/dry...
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    Libertarian Party Goes Crazy

    I agree with much of your post, but have singled out just two paragraphs, and especially the sentence I've colored red. I know you address much more than this, but wealth and income inequality is an important problem in the U.S. It is the Ds rather than the Rs or Libertarians that represent...
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    Mar-a-Largo raided by FBI?

    You appear unable to distinguish between proven allegations and speculations. "I think George Zimmerman was a murderer" and "George Zimmerman was convicted of murder" are two different statements — surely your English skill is good enough to understand that? Also, in "First thing would be...
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    Libertarian Party Goes Crazy

    Many Libertarians have a very clear position on government regulations. They support GOOD regulations, but oppose BAD regulations. (This is one topic on which my thinking converges with the Libertarians.) Unlike Jason, many Libertarians on The Other Message Board were happy to expound on their...
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    Libertarian Party Goes Crazy

    Hunh? I saw the quote and thought it typical Jason. It doesn't describe Jason's Libertarianism. It doesn't even really describe the Mises Caucus beyond saying that it's almost the same as "all the other factions." When we're talking to or about YOU, we want to know where YOU stand on issues...
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    Libertarian Party Goes Crazy

    Why do you hate Liberty, Charlie? Shouldn't a child (or the child's owners if the child is below a certain age) have the Liberty to freely negotiate a labor contract with an employer? Leftists ignore that for centuries, the servitude of indentured servants or serfs was usually to comply with...
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    Something From Nothing

    Interesting! I am an amateur student of ancient mathematics and astronomy and didn't know this. I'm aware of the complicated Ptolemaic model (though it is imperfect, for example mispredicting Venus' phases); and even before telescopes were developed to study Venus' phases, several ancient...
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    Is Jared Kushner more of a criminal than his father-in-law?

    I was surprised that there's no recent thread on Kushner or the rest of his crime family. I wanted to post this YouTube titled Jared Kushner's Firm to Pay $3.25M for Deceiving & Cheating Tenants in Baltimore's "Kushnerville". Worth a watch; though tedious if you've reviewed several similarly...
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    Brandon's losing the plot

    There, there. You're discounting, or even misrepresenting the meme of which TSwizzle is so very very proud: Calling Biden by the name "Brandon." This is a witticism that many 5th-grade bullies would be proud of. TSwizzle probably now thinks the repetition of this precious meme makes him the...
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    Is Crypto dying or just dropping for the moment?

    Jarhyn's remark reminds me of a controversy in California several decades ago. Producers were required to state net contents of a package and were permitted 6% "slop" or such. So a "5 ounce" bag of potato chips might legally contain anywhere from 4.7 ounces to 5.3 ounces. Manufacturers...
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    Mar-a-Largo raided by FBI?

    I'll need a cite for the claim I've reddened. If your cite is Jimmy's post(s) I'll need to see the relevant excerpt(s) from Jimmy's posts. Remember that misquoting a fellow Infidel is against the rules. Comedy gold.
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    Is Crypto dying or just dropping for the moment?

    My autistic flights of fancy sometimes pay off. In another thread I introduced a new unit of energy: The new energy unit is about 201 Mev (million electron-volts) if my arithmetic is correct. Naturally I Googled "Mev." But the top Google hits directed me to something I'd never heard of...
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    Energy And Fields - What are they?

    I try not to exercise my super-Mod powers — I'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy — but some of the posts in this thread seem almost pejorative. You'll have to detail the alleged failures of other contestants before I can arbitrate. Please be concise and clear. But I am curious about your...
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    Is Georgia on your mind?

    You babble about the pedigree and couldn't spend a minute Googling for it. Let me help. 1) Naomi/Neoma 'Ocie' Smith (1794? - 1858) married Jonathan H. Crawford. She is shown as "Cherokee" on her marriage license, presumably via her mother. 2) Preston H. Crawford married Edith May Marsh 3)...
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    Twitter likely to take idiots offer to buy them for $43 billion

    I clicked and skimmed very briefly. This is what caught my eye: I can understand the motive for audience exaggeration. But what baffles — and is further evidence that we are living in the Era of Stupidity — is that the multi-billionaire was apparently unable to hire a high school graduate...
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    Is Georgia on your mind?

    Hunh? :confused2: :confused: Have you lost your grip? :confused: :confused2: Borowitz wrote a NON-FICTION book about American politics. Are humorous people automatically dismissed? You yourself quoted Will Rogers a few posts ago. Al Franken was smarter than most Senators. Mark Twain and...
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine - tactics and logistics

    I know very little about this war. It's too depressing to follow. Yes, Ukraine has achieved surprising success but Russia will target civilian populations and infrastructure, is torturing random Ukrainians, and now conducting sham elections at gunpoint. It's too depressing. Russia is...
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    Is Georgia on your mind?

    And that was all John McCain knew about her. Whether out of desperation or stupidity, he picked her thoughtlessly without any vetting. I liked John McCain but intelligence was not one of his strengths. Hunh? :confused2: What "paper"? Her resume, persona, etc. were not secrets.
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    Is Georgia on your mind?

    Watch some Jordan Klepper videos and get back to us. Start with the QOPster who is proud that QOP has "great respect for women" but wears a T-shirt saying "Hilary sucks ... but not like Monica!" Continue to the interviews of FEMALE QOPsters who think hormones disqualify women from the...
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